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Aug 22, 2008 02:01 PM

Horseshoe, Temescal, Oakland

A lot of new activity in the Temescal. This place at 4721 Telegraph has been open only a few days (same block as Lanesplitters). A fairly straightforward American diner/pub menu with Breakfast Lunch Dinner available the whole time. Sandwiches $9-11 including fries and salad. Entrees $11-14 including pastas, chicken, pork. Done up in dark paints and wood, and hung with paintings by a (presumably) local artist in a manner suggesting that they will rotate from time to time. Was pleasant at a sunny midday.

Menu reminded me a little bit of Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe in Emeryville, which I don't like that much, but the food was executed much better. I liked it enough that I will probably return to see how things develop. Sourcing for ingredients seemed to be similar (to Rudy's, i.e. mainstream food service), so not necessarily local/seasonal/artisanal. Pastrami sandwich with melted cheese lettuce tomato and fried onion bits was tasty and seemed to have been grilled in a nice way. Corned beef hash with fried eggs was made with chopped corned beef, potatoes, and peppers, good and not mushy.

Will have to see how they shake out, but could be a good option for the neighborhood, if for some reason you are tired of Korean food. Clearly not foodie oriented or pushing any kind of envelope.

Looks like they are applying for a beer and wine license. If that pans out, I predict success.

10-11 daily.

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  1. perfect timing! I drove by this place last night and was thinking of posting to ask if anyone had the scoop...thanks for the report.

    4721 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

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      Normally when I see a new place I am already committed to eating something else, but today, I actually chose the new. I think I like it more than the above post makes it sound, but in general I don't like to draw too much of a conclusion either way without going more than once.

      It looks like another restaurant may be opening between Casserole House and Sahn Maru eventually, at least given the way that space seems to be building out. Will keep an eye on that as well.

      1. re: twocents

        Yes, a place called Aunt Mary's Cafe is scheduled to open between Casserole House and Sahn Maru in the near future- there was a blurb on it in the Temescal newsletter. I think they said Southern fusion, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner...

    2. Above posting should read "fries OR salad." Also, 10am to 11 pm. Kind of late for breakfast, but maybe good for the hangover crowd.

      1. Had a late breakfast today around 11 a.m. Corned beef hash was fine, choose your own ingredient omelette was fine, fresh orange juice and fresh lemonade great! Said they will probably start beer and wine service in two weeks. I am excited by a pub style neighborhood joint serving all day. I would like a decent tea service, but that is probably asking for too much. They serve Mighty leaf bags in a mug.

        1. My family has been to this restaurant twice in the last few weeks, and both times we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. The Temescal neighborhood could really benefit from a family-friendly place serving mainstream American food, but with a slightly foodie twist.

          My sons both had hamburgers, which they enjoyed (although I didn't try them). I tried their french fries, which were warm and crisp.

          But what got me to come back again was their ribs -- cooked so the meat fell off the bone, with a substantial sauce that was thick and beefy-tasting, almost like stew, without being sweet. The sauteed greens on the side were also good.

          To top it off, our server was the same both times, and she was a total sweetheart.

          My whole family likes this place, and I'm sure we'll be back soon.

          My only small criticism is the music -- both times it was an odd assortment of not particularly interesting, pretty obvious 70's rock music. Given the neighborhood and the effort they put into their decor, one would think they could do better.

          Overall, a real keeper.

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          1. re: Third Branch

            Whats wrong with 70's rock?

            After hearing thats what they play... got me interested in checking them out.

          2. I walked by this Sunday and it was closed. In the window there was an application for change of ownership and it listed Burma Superstar as the new location. Looks like BS is expanding its empire East to the Temescal neighborhood.