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Aug 22, 2008 01:51 PM

BlueStar vs Wolf please help

I'm trying to make the decision between the BlueStar 30" RNB gas range and the Wolf 30" gas range for my new kitchen. I know this conversation has been had all over the internet but I was hoping for some advice on my particular situation. My kitchen is 7' 6" x 8' 6" and open to the rest of the 900 sqf apartment. I can only have a recirculating hood. I was told by an appliance dealer to get the Viking Professional Series 460 cfm Interior Ventilator Wall Mount Hood - VWH3010. I'm leaning towards the BlueStar for the power and oven size but I'm afraid its too powerful for the ventilation and space. Here are my questions:

-Is there any need to have a more powerful hood if its recirculating?
-Is the BlueStar (or even the Wolf) too powerful for my situation?
-Does the BlueStar oven door really get significantly more hot than the Wolf oven door?
-Does anyone have any other advice/recommendations.

I've been really struggling with this decision so I appreciate any help. Thanks.

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  1. You might try posting your question at the site below. We remodeled our kitchen last year and the site was a tremendous help to us. We bought the Wolf 30" duel fuel range and the 600cfm hood from Ventahood. I wish we had more cfms, but this was the biggest size we could fit in our kitchen.

    1. Hello Biff4000,

      The BlueStar Door does not get any hotter than any other product with respect to the oven door! Yes, i would recommend you look at proper ventilation when using a Gas range of any type as Gas requires oxygen to burn and will pull that oxygen from your interior of your home. So proper air makeup is required for proper operation.

      Bluestar will give you a very professional look as its ancestor is Garland commercial product. Prizer-painter the manufactureof Bluestar has been manufacturing commercial and residential product since the 1800's.

      Unique features to Bluestar
      1. 22k Ultra Nova Burners
      2. 1850 deg infared briol
      3. Ultra low 130 deg simmer burner
      4. Commercial sized oven (30" product
      )5. Avaliable in 190 different colors
      6. Large Black commercial Steel Knobs
      7. Custom cast work surface
      8. Exclusive warranty package (White Glove service)
      9. Heavy gage oven racks (roll out rack in most models)
      10. Built in wok cooking designed top

      These are just a few reasons to consider a Bluestar product.

      Bluestar - " The only genuine resturant range for the home "

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      1. re: blueman

        I don't work for Bluestar. I have had a 48 inch Bluestar for several months (I know it is larger than the one you are looking at). I love it! I paid for the white glove service (it wasn't available when I bought it) and the guy they sent was well worth it--he adjusted the burners and the simmer is really low!

        The 22K burner is really high--is it too much? It depends on what you are cooking!

        BUT! You need a proper vent--re circulation would most likely not be enough. I have a prestige vent and it is remarkable how greasy it gets after a month. If I forget to turn it on, you realize how much you need the vent--something you might want to consider.

        As for the oven, I have used it only a few times because I don't use ovens in the summer. The doors were not hot and it works great. Sealed very well because it retains the heat a long time

        I did not love Wolf when we looked into it. What we like most about the BS was the open burners and we got it in ruby red. It also does not have a self cleaning oven. For some people it is a deal breaker.

        Overall, I made the right choice and love the BS.

      2. After a year of research (there's lots of conflicting information out there) I finally settled on a Bluestar 30 inch RNB. I had been cooking on an underperforming Dacor and really wanted to try cooking more like the pros with higher heat output.
        I replaced a 300 cfm ventilator with a Zephyr 850 cfm hood to handle the increased exhaust (good decision) and would say that proper ventilation is a very important consideration when using a more powerful range.
        The oven door gets a little hotter than I was accustomed to, but nothing dramatic when used in normal baking or broiling. I guess the heat issue is more noticeable when the oven is used for long periods.
        I was very pleased with the quality of the construction of the range. The lack of timers and clock is something to get used to, but the lack of electronic circuit boards and touch screens is refreshing.