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Great bun



red onion


and a salty hockey puck calling itself a turkey burger patty

my tongue is still stinging from the salt


and I used to LOVE the turkey burger when it was in house ground breast and was $11. I know things get more expensive but the quality level is what I would expect from Carls Jr.

and it was $16 . . . .

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  1. Try the one at Akasha. It is terrific.

    1. a pretty good one at Liberty Grill downtown today; grilled over wood, which you could taste a little. Bun not very interesting, but hey, it's a bun. No arugula, though. $11, I think?

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      1. Turkey Burger at Fatburger. $4.29 . . . ish.

        1. Ya, they used to be a gem before the expansion. The food was great and the prices were right. It's just not the same anymore......

          1. Has anyone had a turkey burger from 25 degrees? Just had another kick ass burger there last week, also a bite of my friends veggie burger, which was awesome, haven't had the turkey, though.

            1. The TB at O Burger in WeHo is interesting. It could be that I like the chipotle sauce they drench it in though.