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Aug 22, 2008 01:04 PM

Do you think it's strange when a restaurant...

...calls you to reconfirm? I'm going to New York next week (it's finally here!) and my Monday night reservation called (I made the res through Opentable, and they usually send an e-mail reminder).

Does that mean they're really busy and want to make sure you're coming, or really slow and want to know if they even have to open that night? :)

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  1. No. This confirmation call is usually normal when it's an upscale place.
    Places in mind when this occurs when I made reservations at Gramercy Tavern and Eleven Madison Park. They called days in advance but it's not awkward, imo.


    1. no. it's common even at less than upscale places.

      1. I actually think it's a plus that you received a re-confirming call. It shows that the restaurant is expecting you and is making sure there will be no foul-ups with your reservation. E-mails are nice, but the personal touch is even better!

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        1. re: RGR

          Yeah, but she had the time and the number of people wrong, plus I'm on the West Coast so she called at 7:30 am (luckily we were up!). But she was very nice and apologetic about the whole thing. It was actually pretty funny. Just glad to hear it's SOP and everything's ok.

          My head is about to burst. I'm also wondering how I'm going to eat all this food I have plans for! I need one more day!

          1. re: Eujeanie

            Considering that the restaurant didn't have the correct information, all the more fortuitous that you were called. So much better to have it all squared away before you show up for your meal.

            Btw, re-confirming is s.o.p. only for upscale restaurants. Also, a few require *you* to call them. per se is one of those.

        2. Most NY restaurants do this. People often make reservations/multiple reservations and then don't cancel it. I think it's the restuarants trying to protect themselves from this.

          1. Lots of restaurants in the Bay Area call to confirm. Mostly more upscale establishments and especially for weekend reservations. I like it when they do call because you have the opportunity to confirm the info they have and make any corrections necessary. I think that so many people fail to cancel reservations, that they force restaurants into this undoubtedly time consuming effort.