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Aug 22, 2008 01:00 PM

Cooking with salad dressing?????

Question, can you or is it possible to cook with salad dressing?

I know some folks use italian salad dressing as a marinade for steaks and stuff, but I'm wondering if you can also use it for other purposes.

Also if you eat something that has salad dressing on it, and choose to put it in the fridge and reheat it again, is it still safe to eat?

My big question is, can one fry or cook with creamy salad dressings, like ranch dressing or creamy italian dressing?

Can creamy dressings be microwaved or reheated?

I'm really interested in getting as much info as possible regarding using creamy style dressing to fry with, or if they can be microwaved.

I really do appreciate any and all responses.

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  1. I can't imagine using a creamy dressing to fry in, since frying pretty much done in fat. As unhealthy as bottled ranch dressing can be, I just don't think it has the fat content to successfully fry something.

    1. I'm guessing since a lot of fried chicken recipes call for marinating in buttermilk first, that you could use a ranch type of dressing to marinate before frying. Are you interested in bottled dressings? or homemade? Blue cheese dressing could be heated up for a steak sauce. As far as both vinegary and creamy can be heated to use over pasta. I think it would depend on the brand if they heat well. I'm sorry, don't know the technical no-nos on the mircrowave. But I wouldn't hesitate to nuke my leftovers. :)

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        We're were thinking of using the bottled stuff and had a few ideas.

        One idea was to use creamy style salad dressing as a pasta sauce (but it would be warm).

        I was never sure if you could reheat blue cheese or not, this whole topic came up recently with some friends for a few reasons, one being that if you have hot wings, and pour either ranch dressing or blue cheese over the wings, does that mean you can't put them back in the fridge and reheat them later on?

        The other reason, would probably make some folks sick, it involved bacon that after being cooked, would have ranch cream poured over it, and then eaten, but obviously the ranch dressing would then turn warm, and then there were questions about putting this back in the fridge again and reheating, etc.

      2. We have for years fryed pounded skirt steaf with French Dresing. We've even grilled it. The secret is to pound the steak with a mallet...

        1. Bottled salad dressings are ridiculously expensive and full of lots of iffy ingredients. You can make your own mustardy/lemony/sherry/whatever vinaigrette and use it as a marinade. If you marinate protein in it, make sure you boil the marinade before using it as a sauce. Otherwise, you might make your diners quite ill.

          1. i just used marzeti's classic ranch dressing to roast small red potatoes (coating them but not gobs and gobs). i also put a little on the cornish game hen i was roasting alongside. very delicious.

            marzetti's site has recipes in every category/course.