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Aug 22, 2008 12:45 PM

Breakfast idea after PHL airport drop off?

Any suggestions for where to go for a good Saturday morning breakfast after dropping off family members at the Philadelphia airport? We'd need to park the car, but would like a decent breakfast (after getting out early)! Diner or other good breakfast recommendations appreciated!


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  1. Do you have an approximate time and preferred direction (where are you going back to)?

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    1. re: Bigley9

      Good question -- it will be early -- about 8 am and we'll be heading back north. Not sure if we're going back to NJ or will spend the day in Philly with our kids. So we're flexible.

      1. re: eamcd

        you will be pretty close to Center City so I would suggest Beau Monde (crepes and outdoor seating not very expensive) at 6 and Bainbridge. check their website for hours but I think they open early. Or the Reading Terminal Market park and forage the market.

    2. You might try Sabrina's (9-10/Christian). Fabulous breakfast. I take out-of-town friends there and they always have trouble deciding what to order b/c everything sounds so good. It's standard breakfast but with a slight creative twist. Large portions and good coffee.

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      1. re: griffin19

        Reading Terminal's great...esp. pancakes at the Dutch Eating Place. $3 validated parking across the street for up to two hours.

        Other ideas that may work could be Morning Glory, Sabrina's, or Honey's Sity and Eat but on a Saturday they would involve a long wait.

        1. re: griffin19

          I'm always hesitant to reveal this secret, but the new Sabrina's location on 18th and Callohill has the same menu, less wait, and....neighborhood parking.

        2. "Everyone who knows goes to The Melrose" a classic diner in South Philly (Broad and Passyunk) not far from the airport.