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What to order at Casa Mono?

Hey 'hounders,

I'm going to eat at Casa Mono with two people for lunch and would like to know what should I order?

I heard the duck egg with mojama is good and I'm really curious with the cock's comb. We're open to any suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. I love the fideos with chorizo and clams, and the sweetbreads. Haven't gotten to try the cocks combs yet, let me know what you think if you get them! Enjoy!

    1. I can help. I was just there a month ago, here's a link of my experience there including my favorite dishes:

      In short I highly recommend the sweetbreads, Duck egg with mojima and the fois gras.

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        Third on the sweetbreads. Really tasty.

      2. the jamón iberico is superb. add it to your list. don't forget the wines. the list is terrific.

        1. the cock's comb is delicious - braised in a really serious mushroom broth/reduction (only a few stray cepes actually accompany the dish) and sprinkled with ground spiced almonds.
          the serving size is pretty generous, though, and I'd advise ordering it only if you'll be splitting it with on or two of your friends (or if you really love cock's combs). I loved the dish, but had it all to myself and had to leave a couple of 'combs on the plate

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            I personally like the cock's comb for its texture, but didn't enjoy flavor that they used in cooking the dish. If you like the texture of chicken feet skin (chinese style) or pig's feet, then it is sort of in between and you will probably like the texture.

            The flavor though was a bit strong on the balsamic / vingery side. I do think it is worth trying as you rarely see cock's comb available in other restaurants.

          2. I loved the fideos with corizo and clams and the pumpkin goat cheese croquetas. tThe portion of the croquetas is pretty huge! I think one order would be enough for three people. Enjoy!


            1. Get the Razor Clams a la Plancha. A very simple preparation of fantastic, fresh, sweet razor clams. That was the star of the meal when I ate there about a month ago.

              Also, I'd suggest sitting at the bar overlooking the kitchen. You'll get a great vantage point of the action and it's always fun to watch your food as it's being prepared.

              1. So I finally went here with my Aussie friend and a friend of hers for lunch. Let me just say that it's a good thing we didn't really eat breakfast. We're stuffed at the end of our meal.

                Here's what we ordered:
                - Sweetbreads with fennel al Mono
                - Foie Gras with Cinco Cebollas
                - Duck Egg with Mojama
                - Cock’s combs with cepes
                - A side of sugar snap peas
                - Fideos with Clams & Chorizo

                Of the dishes we've ordered, I love the foie gras (and admittedly, the cute presentation). The crunchy, balsamic vinegar saturated toast with the foie gras on top, tasted wonderful. I just wish I had that entire plate to myself, but I had to let my friends try it since they've never tried foie or any offal (they're not really adventurous but willing to try stuff once).

                The sweetbreads were unexpected in terms of how it's prepared. It looks breaded but it wasn't crispy (as in fried). The fennel flavor worked well with the creamy sweetbreads. My second favorite dish there.

                The duck egg with mojama was quite awesome in terms of the duck egg just pan fried to perfection - the egg barely set and the yolk just oozes at the prick of the fork. Probably the most noticeable thing when we received this dish was the heady scent of TRUFFLES. The truffle vinaigrette and what looks like at least half a black truffle was shaved, chopped and mixed around that dish. The other components of the patatas bravas and the large shavings of mojama with that egg, worked pretty well.

                The cock's combs tasted like mushrooms to me with the texture of stiff gelatin. I wouldn't say pig's feet silky but I might agree with chicken feet (despite it's been ages since I've eaten it). I like it, not love.

                The fideos with chorizo and clams were pretty much the "safest" dish of the bunch. It's very delicious but I was so stuffed at this point since my friends didn't like the taste/texture of the cock's combs earlier and let me have the rest of it.

                For photos and my post please follow the link:

                1. bored and hungry, I was reading over Casa Mono's menu on their website today, and noticed a new item at the bottom of the menu that caught my eye: "Goat Confit with Saffron Honey and Goat Cheese Tapenade." WOW this sounds awesome.

                  goat confit?! has anyone tried this yet??

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                    That does sound awfully good - I've not been for awhile - may have to check it out this weekend.

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                      yup, that sounds delicious...*adds it to the list*...

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                        We ordered the goat confit with saffron honey last night. It was fine, not as flavorful as I would have liked, but the texture was nice. A little shredded, fell apart with just a fork touch. But the most interesting component was the creamy cheese with olive bits. The meat itself was fine but we found more deliciousness in the other dishes. It didn't really stand up to the boldness of the foie gras with cinco cebollas, fideos with chorizo and clams, duck egg with mojama, mushroom slivers, and potatoes, or light and hot and perfectly crispy pumpkin/goat cheese croquetas.

                  2. The peppers stuffed with oxtail are simply divine!