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Aug 22, 2008 12:36 PM

Chinese delivery in EV

Are there are any good Chinese places that deliver to the East Village (6th and 2nd Ave)? I know Chinatown has some good places but I have a feeling they don't deliver up here. One of my favorite dishes are spicy cold noodles (not the kind where they just dump a spoonful of peanut butter on some noodles) and of course dumplings (that aren't doughy) I've already tried Grand Sichuan and while I like some of their food the dumplings and noodles were only so-so.

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  1. Best dumplings I've found in the EV have been at the BBQ Chicken/TKettle space because they get them from some secret dumpling master in Queens. They're steamed, and I like the "house" variety (with sea cucumber) best. They don't do delivery but they do takeout.

    Have you tried Congee Village? My default delivery is usually Grand Sichuan (I like their soup dumplings, which don't travel well BTW) if I'm in the mood for Chinese, though on occasion, we do Dumpling Man.

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      Dan dan noodles from grand sichuan are better the next day cold....

      Vanessa's dumplings on 14th st aren't awful, though I think Tkettle is better...