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Aug 22, 2008 12:35 PM

Augustinerbrau on Long Island

Back in my college days, I actually looked for good beer, and I remember this as being one of the best I found. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find it anymore, and I was wondering if any CH's had seen it anywhere on LI?

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  1. Try the Forest Pork Store in Huntington, barring that you can always check out Shoreline Beverages also in Huntington. If it is not in either place I'd be surprised- I've gotten Augustiner in NJ and NY, so it's available in the area.

    I assume you mean their Helles Lager (Lagerbier Hell), which is indeed quite good. Also- the Edelstoff, which is just a smidge higher in alcohol. If you can't find the Augustiner you can get some other quality Helles Lagers, like Mahr's, or (my sleeper favorite, and great for those on a budget) Hacker-Pschorr's Munich Gold (look fot a good date on the label, though.)

    1. Augustiner is - or, at least, used to be - imported by Liberty Bell Beverages in the Allentown PA area. (A quick Google turns up - 718 N 13th St, Allentown, PA 18102-1200, United States (610) 820-6020). Maybe a call to them will turn up a LINY distributor who can direct you to a retailer.

      Liberty Bell has a retail beer distributorship not far from the NEPA beer mecca, Shangy's, and a beer run trip to the latter usually meant stopping by for a few cases of Augustiner from Liberty Bell, as well, since it was incredibly cheap for a German import at the time (i.e. $20 circa 2000 for either the Export or the Maximator).

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        That's seriously cheap for a beer of the quality- I'd fill up the trunk myself. We're not so lucky here (Spaten was around $24 back around 2000, and up about $3-4 at this time- and Augustiner is an order of magnitude better than that)- usually I only see the "pint" bottles of Augustiner sold as singles these days, and that's never cheap.

        The German pork stores (on Long Island at least) usually have a very limited selection of German beers, but they are 'for the community', so to speak- well chosen selections and it tends to move out of the store. When I was young(er) we'd go to the local Karl Ehmer's for Berlier Kindl Weiss (along with the woodruff syrup) or Dinkelacker Oktoberfest- stuff you'd never see anywhere else. I can't say with certainty that Forest would have it (I'm across the river now), but it's the first place I'd look.

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          The Helles Lager runs about $12 a six pack in Massachusetts.

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          Just came back from beer shopping (empty handed!) and spotted a few six packs of Augustiner. Looks like the current importer is Global Village Importers now. They have a list of distributors, at least one of which is on Long Island- Premier Customer Service 516-921-9005 516-921-0785 Premier Wine & Spirits 345 Underhill Blvd. Syosset, NY 11791

        3. Well, okay, thanks fo r he suggestions, I'll check them out, and hopefully, find what I'm looking for!

          1. Yes...because Brooklyn is on Long Island...
            SKI Distributors
            169 Gardner Ave
            Brooklyn, NY 11237
            718 821 7200