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Aug 22, 2008 12:29 PM

Howling at Wolfgang Steakhouse

Had dinner reservations at Wolfgang on Park and 33rd for 8 PM. Entered a deafening low
ceiling room (with tiles on the ceiling) to find a very crowded bar and people scrunched together waiting for tables. Waited for 20 minutes to be seated. Conversation out of the question as noise level so high. If I didn't have a gift certificate that was almost expiring we would have left. Service was swift. The Wolfgang salad was fresh with lots of fat fresh shrimp. Husband went for a steak and I just asked for the crabmeat appetizer. Hubby thought steak was so-so. Crabmeat was very fresh. Ordered a side of "cottage fries" and they were great big crunchy discs of well fried potato. Didn't stay for dessert as by then our ears were ringing. What architect designed a restaurant with such awful acoustics? People all over were screaming to be heard. My husband played charades all through dinner.

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  1. The gorgeous vaulted ceiling is the trademark design of the famous architect Rafael Gustavino (1842-1908), who, among other things, also designed the interior of Grand Central Terminal. The interior at Wolfgang's is landmarked, so it cannot be changed in any way.

    We had dinner there once. The steak was fine, and the onion rings were some of the best I've had anywhere. We didn't have a problem with an insanely high noise level (one of my pet peeves). It was a Sunday evening and, while the place was not packed, it was certainly far from empty. One thing that may have helped -- the bar area was not busy. I'm sure that in your case, the crowded bar scene added significantly to the din.

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      My one time there (mid week), I also found the place noisy but as the evening wore on, it did quiet down--as did the after work bar scene. Food was so so. Nothing for me to ever return for.