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Aug 22, 2008 12:27 PM

AZ Restaurant Week - Sep 20-26: Where to go?

Check out the offerings at the participating restaurants - arizonarestaurantweek.com. Three-course menus for $29 per person all week. Which places are the ones to hit?

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  1. List of places I'd like to try or try again:

    Cowboy Ciao
    Humble Pie
    Lon's at The Hermosa
    Roaring Fork
    The Estate House
    Tutti Santi

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      Lons and the Estate House are great choices... Just went to Bourbon Steak this past weekend and it was just wonderful but spendy...this would be a great time to check them out without breaking your wallet.

    2. It seems like there are a few restaurants on the list where you can easily get 3 courses of your choice for well under the $29, so I'm not really sure what the advantage is of going to those.

      I'd probably think about doing:

      Sol y Sombra
      Bourbon Steak
      Estate House
      Cowboy Ciao
      Roaring Fork

      and, unless you're completely anti-chain:

      Roy's (Phoenix-Desert Ridge)
      Capital Grille (the Kona dry aged sirloin they're offering is really nice)

      The above include a few I've never been to, but I suppose that's the whole point of a restaurant week.

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        Tara loved the Kona sirloin when we went to CG.

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          It's an excellent steak, and a great deal for the three courses, too, with the sirloin coming in close to $40 on the normal menu.

      2. We're doing Cowboy Ciao. We've been wanting to go for a while and their AzRW menu had the items we wanted to try, so it seemed like a great fit. :)

        I agree that some places seemed like odd choices. I love Humble Pie, but I can easily eat plenty for under $29 off their regular for myself.

        1. Doing Bourbon Steak so far. Keep changing my mind as I peruse the different offerings. We can only go on Friday since we return from France on Thursday; guess that's a good excuse, huh ;-)

          1. The site says it's $29 for a single or $58 for a couple. Does anyone know if you can go with a larger group, say 4 or 5 people?

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              Typically, restaurant week pricing is given for two and/or per person, but of course, they welcome larger groups. Last winter, we were a party of seven of at one Denver Restaurant Group participating restaurant. Since the idea is to build traffic, it's difficult to imagine any restaurant limiting the special to two people and making the other two or three select from a different menu.