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Aug 22, 2008 12:15 PM

MSP-Minnesota Renaissance Festival

After seeing the state fair thread I was wondering if anyone deemed anything worthy of consideration at the other faire. I have always been a fan of the gigantic turkey legs.

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  1. I bought this really great Foccacia Bread there once, many (about 10-15) years ago. I believe that it was just being sold by an independent person/baker, I actually don't even remember it being in a stall. It was warm and fresh when I bought it, and had incredible flavor. I liked it so much, I bought a second bagged up one to bring home for later. When I went back the following years, I never could find it again. So if anyone sees anyone hawking foccacia bread there, please post.
    I have often been fond of the soup/stew in a breadbowl, if it happens to be a crisp or drizzly fall day.

    1. I was there last weekend for the first time in almost 30 years. That long ago, I was a performer there. Place is much larger now. But some things never change. Still have good turkey legs. The Queen's Apples (sliced, drizzled with caramel) are still good. This visit, my daughter got S'mores, which were deep-fried. She offered me a taste. I couldn't bring myself to do it.

      I was up for a root beer float, and was about to order one ($4.00), when I saw they were using cans of Barq's Root Beer.

      30 years ago, the steak sandwich was pretty good. I noticed it is still being sold.