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Aug 22, 2008 12:14 PM

Culinary Market in Rochester, MN

I passed by a store "Culinary Market" in Rochester. It's by 300 FIrst (the old broadstreet cafe).

I did not get a chance to stop. Anyone else have any info on this?

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  1. Yeah, its a nice place. If you've seen the kiosk at Rochester Produce you get a flavor of the stuff.....maybe 15-20 gourmet and artisan cheeses, iberico and serrano ham, olives, flavored oils, sugars and salts etc. I would urge folks who want access to this kind of stuff in Rochester to support the venture.

    If you drop in, she does tastings and wine pairings. Very helpful lady.

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          1. It's a great little shop. I bought some dolce gorgonzola and organic 'nutella' there recently. It's small, but what it has there seems to be of great quality.

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              Tonight's dinner was entirely from the shop....Brillat Savarin; an amazing nutty goat cheese from france, Marissa; a local salty sheepsmilk cheese, some pork and chicken pate, some of their great take and bake bread. Added a bottle of marlboro sauvignon blanc and we feasted.

              It is so great to have a first class cheese shop in a town this size.