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Aug 22, 2008 12:12 PM

Fresh Pond - old Ground Round?

There is a temporary fence around the old Ground Round building at the Fresh Pond Rotary. I have been waiting to see what will move in. Does anyone have any info?

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  1. I was talking to a local businessperson awhile ago who thought that something big might be going into that entire area. He thought that Cheddar's, Dunkin' Donuts, Newbury Comics, etc. might all go, too. Anyways, the entire property there was bought by Linear Retail maybe a year ago. The blueprint I saw of the area indicates that the Ground Round building may just become additional parking, but it's not all that clear from the blueprint (and actually it looks like a huge drug store might take over the other building?).

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      I had a feeling, if anyone would know ...

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        BTW, the "Kappy's Fresh Pond Liquors" in that mall is actually a SavMor and they offer the same specials as other SavMors (decent beer specials, 1.75 lt liquor, plus as non-special some less usual cachacas, some Marie Brizzard liqueurs). Their wine selection is different than other SavMor stores, both in what they carry and what they omit. The difference isn't just stock left over from before, but a lot more french wines (similar, but different selection than Kappy's). It doesn't have as many Portuguese wines or European/microbrew beer offerings as the McGrath location, and less overall liqueurs but more organized. I can't say how long since it exchanged hands (2-3 years), but I would assume it wouldn't have turned over without a decent length lease.

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            Thank you for the link. I know the area well -- my kid's daycare is on Wheeler St, so I go through there twice a day.

            In looking at Linear's site, it looks like they only own *one* of the buidlings.

            So, Kappy's, D'Angelo's, CVS, and Newbury Comics will be affected; Dunkin Donuts, Cheddars, and Circle Furniture will *not* be affected.

            Furthermore, it looks like Linear will be putting up a new building kinda sorta where the Ground Round was. This may allow for the stores displaced by the CVS expansion to move. So, Newbury Comics *may* be moving into new digs, not closing. But this is mere speculation on my part.

            I'm more annoyed that they seem to be making driving across the parking lot even more of a hassle. It's bad enough as it is, but do they have to make it more of slalom? Oy!

          2. Nothing can seem to stay in business there. it was a ground round, then tin alley, then ground round again. it'd be interesting to see what's going in there. I don't particularly care if the Dunkin' is gone as theres one just around the corner and Kappy's sucks compared to the store across the street next to Whole Foods. I will miss the Newbury Comics though

            1. In case anyone had anything was wondering...they tore down the building this week.

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                  Drove by this weekend - the really funny thing is that the old ground round sign is still up, next to a big pile of rubble.

              1. Looks like current tenants are out. Trader Joe's in the new building and some sort of "casual dining" in the old.

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                  I hope that the "proposed casual dining" doesn't turn out to be a Red Lobster or Applebee's. To lose a Newbury Comics over that would be just too much for me to take!

                  On an unrelated note, has everyone else been having problems with CH today? I hadn't been able to get on for most of the day.

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                    Worry not: I don't think Red Lobster or Applebee's would be interested in a 2,300 square foot space. Think more on the scale of D'Angelo's.

                    It is disappointing to see significant construction without any kind of master planning for the area, which could really use it.

                  2. re: Aromatherapy

                    Why do they always put Trader Joe's in places with inadequate parking? They're also making a huge mistake if there's not an outlet to Terminal Rd like there is now, which would make hopping from Whole Foods to Trader Joe's a major pain since you would have to deal with lights and the rotary.

                    1. re: ChocolateMilkshake

                      This is the single greatest reason I have only been to trader joes only once... the parking was such a nightmare it was not worth going again. If they make it impossible to cut through the parking lot from terminal road to concord ave, I will probably stop going to whole foods as well.

                    2. re: Aromatherapy

                      I work at a company next door and we've heard it will be a Panera Bread.

                    3. The original comment has been removed