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Aug 22, 2008 12:03 PM

Inexpensive Rehearsal Dinner in Boston area?

We are on a tight budget for our rehearsal dinner- capping it at $350-400. We will have about 22 people next April. The wedding is in downtown Boston, so the rehearsal will in Beacon Hill. We've got some older people who can't really walk far and public transit for them is a bit of an issue. So we would like a place that peopel could drive to- and that has some parking closeby- but not too hard to get to for our out of town people.

I have thought about Pizzeria Regina at Station Landing or Bertuccis (not sure what location) in order to keep costs down, but still have a fun atmosphere. I thought pizza could be a fun, yummy but inexpensive choice. Then there's beer and wine.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have been wracking my brain for something that fits our criteria...


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  1. Are you looking for a regular menu or something that is preset? For example the Hard Rock does preset group menus that seem to be in your budget. This is more to get an idea of what you are looking for then an actual recommendation.

    1. Why not have it in a restaurant in Chinatown...perhaps a fine Chinese spot like Peach Farm or the Malaysian spot Penang.

      1. I work on Beacon Hill so I know a bit about the neighborhood.

        Why not try an old standard Maggiano's Little Italy. It's reasonable and can accommodate a large dinner. The food is served family style and you can get reasonably priced wine and beer. Go off the regular menu and not the banquet menu. They charge too much for more food than you could possibly eat. Maggiano's is in Park Square, so that means a nice stroll for those who want to. They are located right next to two parking garages which also make it convenient for parking.

        Bertuccis in Faneuil Hall is probably the closest one. Another place you might want to try is Emmets right on Beacon Street. Emmets itself is a pub, but they expanded recently to the space next door which should be able to accommodate your party, they have a very reasonable Function menu. Grotto is also very nice and right on beacon hill, but might be a little to pricey for you.
        For Pizza, I really like Figs on Charles street, but with 22 it might mean that you have to book the whole dining room. If you can deal with Todd English's obnoxious web site... you can find info here.

        1. I had mine at Vinny T's on Boylston in the Back Bay. Not a truly private room, but we had 2 very large tables downstairs. Family style and it was cheap. And fun! A little far from Beacon Hill, but so is Station Landing. They were very accomodating. We had the wedding reception in Beacon Hill (Holiday Inn). Most guests took the T, we did have some take cabs.