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Aug 22, 2008 12:02 PM

Pam cooking Spray

Don't you think someone should name a country after Pam Cookin Spray. I mean how could we survive without it????

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  1. I ran out of it several months ago and haven't gotten around to replacing it. I mostly just grease my pans with butter at this point, and I've kind of gotten used to it. I always found Pam imparted a slight chemical flavor to muffins and such. Plus, it's a total bitch to get off my muffin tins once it bakes on.

    Other than the obvious convenience of the spray -- which can't be denied, it is convenient -- it's not my favorite product. I've tried a few of those 'fill your own' oil sprayer bottles but never found one that worked for more than a month or two before irreparably clogging up, so I have up on them a few years back. Has anyone had any luck with those?

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      Ok - so it's not only me who thinks Pam is weird! I grew up mostly natural (on a farm), so things from spray cans (cheese, whipped cream, "butter") were foreign to me. But people who love good food raved about this stuff. A few uses later, and my husband and I agreed that it had to go. My breads and muffins appeared to have a strange, almost plasticy film on their edges, and an off chemical taste. We never got around to using it for anything else (some uses seem extremely bizarre, like on the commericals, when they spray it in the pasta water?!?!??), so maybe I'm still missing the point, but why is this better than plan ol' olive oil or butter on a paper towel?

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        Try the QuickMist brand spray bottle. I read somewhere years ago (CI maybe?) that this was the one brand that worked consistently well. I'd given up on them, too, until I bought this one. I've had it for years now and it still works well. It's not easy to find, but well worth seeking out.

        For baking, I'm a big fan of Baker's Joy. No muss, no fuss, and no missed spots. So much easier and far less messy than greasing and flouring.

      2. I believe it's Mazola that makes 100% corn oil spray. I have a thing against Pam...silicone isn't tasty.

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          Try the ones by Spectrum. They make good products, many of which are organic. No odd flavors!

        2. I dont use it, I prefer shortening, or butter.

          1. I never use Pam, but my wife's brother uses it exclusively (something about health advantages or something). I remember he once made pancakes using a "garlic-flavoured" Pam, not noticing that this was the one he bought.

            It didn't turn out well.

            1. I have never used Pam and I don't see that changing any time soon. I don't care for the taste it leaves when used for cooking. I tend to use oil, butter or shortening if a non-stick surface is required.