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Aug 22, 2008 11:51 AM

Mission Burrito

After reading about this place in other posts I walked over to Village by the Grange at lunch today to see if it had opened yet. The name alone brought back memories of all the wonderful burritos in the Mission district of San Francisco and it had me drooling with anticipation. Unfortunately, it turns out that the name is the only thing that this place shares with the burritos of San Fran. For $5.85 (plus tax) I got a limp and soggy burrito. It was poorly folded and some of the fillings (presumably the sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo) were cold so that the entire thing ended up being tepid at best. Maybe I am mistaken, but I thought a burrito is supposed to spend a bit of "finishing time" on the grill. Not this baby, folded and stuck straight into its foil wrapper. Even with extra hot sauce it was pretty bland.

Sorry to report that this was a serious disappointment.

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  1. It was my understanding that while some places grill theirs, it's more typical that the 'authentic' Mission Burrito shell is just steamed. My friend from San Fran said that was one of the biggest differences between the authentic ones and the imitators.

    Myself, I like the grilled versions just fine, but I enjoyed my burrito from Mission Burrito too - I agree about the ultra cold fillings, though. Still, mine was pleasant and flavourful, and the ingredients are very fresh. I go to OCAD, so I'll be eating a lot of them..

    1. Agreed with downtown. The original Mission burrito may very well be better tasting but the steaming method used here left a poor texture and soft feel to the burrito that didn't hold up well when eating. The flavor was bland compared to Burrito Boyz (I'm not much of a burrito fanatic but I generally am happy with BB) at the same price and for some reason just left me with a vaguely unsettled feeling the rest of the day. Our whole office went everyone's opinion was surprisingly the same - merely serviceable, but not something one would seek out deliberately.

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