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Aug 22, 2008 11:40 AM

Brazilian Churrascaria

Has anyone tried the new Fuegovivo in Sawgrass? How does it compare to Texas de Brazil? Is the price worth it, etc?

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  1. haven't been there yet but i would recommend Chima on Las Olas as the best local meatfest

    1. There is one of the same name in Miami on Bird Rd and Palmetto.
      If it's the same, stay away from it. My hubby tried it and said it was awful, not at all close to Texas de Brasil or Porcao (in Miami). A few months back they have been running coupons for buy one get one in the newspaper, and honestly, for good steak, you get what you pay for.

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        Can't compare the different churrascaria's in Miami, but we went to the Texas de Brazil in Miami Beach. You used to be able to see the fireworks from the windown when it was a Monty's, they changed the configuration so it wasn't great to see July 4th fireworks. Other than that, the meat was great, the buffet was beautiful, and get this, the service was exceptional! The first time in a while that we have eaten out in Miami Beach and been impressed with the service. Yes, it is kind of like fast food brought table side, but the space is beautiful and they truly made efforts to make it "upscale". Of course prices are more on weekends, I believe lunch might be reasonable pricewise, and they also have some sort of half off coupon or 2 for 1 from time to time.