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Aug 22, 2008 11:28 AM

One dinner in Berkely or Oakland

We wlll be having one dinner in the Berkely/Oakland area. Am looking for suggestions on a unique dining experience, anything from cheap eats to $28 entrees.

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  1. That's really waaaay to vague. It would help to know what would be "unique" from your point of view to know where you're coming from. Since it's only one day, what day is it (some places might be closed). Do you have any limitations on time, transportation, etc.? Most important, what would be your ideal experience for this meal? There are great, unique places at all styles and price points, so what are you *really* looking for?

    1. Places I've eaten at in the last few months and am eager to return to:

      À Côté (dinner only, 7 days)
      Anh Hong (lunch M-F, dinner 7 days)
      Camino (dinner only, closed Tuesdays)
      Cesar (on Piedmont; lunch through dinner, 7 days)
      Chai Thai Noodles (lunch and dinner, 7 days)
      Champa Garden* (lunch through dinner, 7 days)
      Chez Panisse (lunch (upstairs only) and dinner, closed Sundays)
      China Village* (lunch through dinner, 7 days)
      Corso (lunch and dinner, 7 days)
      Daimo (breakfast through late night, 7 days)
      Dopo (lunch and dinner, closed Sundays)
      Eccolo (lunch through dinner, 7 days)
      El Huarache Azteca (breakfast through dinner, 7 days)
      Flora (lunch and dinner, closed Sundays and Mondays)
      Great China* (lunch Mon.-Sat., dinner 7 days)
      Jayakarta* (lunch through dinner, 7 days)
      Lanesplitter (lunch through dinner, 7 days)
      Ohgane (lunch through dinner, 7 days)
      Oliveto (dinner only, 7 days)
      Pizzaiolo (dinner only, closed Sundays)
      Sea Salt (lunch through dinner, 7 days)
      Shanghai (lunch through dinner, 7 days)
      T-Rex (lunch through dinner, 7 days)
      Turkish Kitchen (lunch through dinner, 7 days)
      Vik's (lunch through 6pm, closed Mondays)
      Wood Tavern (lunch through dinner Mon.-Sat., dinner only Sun.)

      *Hit-and-miss menus, be sure to read past reports so you order the good stuff.

      1. If it's one dinner, I'd go to Chez Panisse Cafe (upstairs)...birth of California cuisine, Alice Waters, very Berkeley, etc...and you'll have a fine meal.

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          I'd probably go to its former chef's new place, Camino.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            That would make sense if you live in the area. However if it's a one time, not to return for awhile deal, I'd go to CP for the fore mentioned reasons. Honestly you'll probably have a fine meal at most places in that range..given that I'd choose the place that might provide context and perspective.

            1. re: ML8000

              The birth of California cuisine was actually downstairs at Chez Panisse.

              The upstairs cafe was where Spago was born.