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Aug 22, 2008 11:03 AM

River Road LaCrosse to MSP

Any recs for nice (light, local, eclectic..) lunch place along the Mississippi between LaCrosse and Twin Cities?

I know I'll be stopping for ice-cream at the Penguin Zesto in Winona (love their fluorescent hard shell), so lunch nearby would be perfect.


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  1. I can't get this to work. Trempeleau Hotel in Trempeauleu Wis. I'm not spelling it right at all and am too rushed to Google. It's directly on the Mississippi, all homemade and across the river from Winona. Also the Monarch, for pizza (one hundred year old bar) in Fountain City, Wis., also across from Winona. And the original (main) Nelson Cheese House in Nelson, Wis.

    1. If on the Minnesota side, stop at Staghead in Red Wing. If on the Wisconsin side, you have many more options -- in Nelson, in Pepin, in Stockholm, in Plum City, in Prescott.

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        Thanks. I think we'll stick on the WI side for most of the trip. Sounds like it is the more scenic. Any specific suggestions?

      2. We make the Twin Cities to La Crosse and back trip numerous times now that our son's family lives there. I guess I prefer the Minnesota side with stops in Wabasha to periodically check out the eagle sightings. A stop at the National Eagle Center is a must if you have any interest at all in birding and raptors.

        There are two places of food as well as eclectic and local interest in the Historic Anderson House...

        and Slippery's Bar and Grill, the fictional bar in the movie Grumpy Old Men and home of a pretty good hamburger with a view of the Mississippi and eagles.

        1. It's been about a year since I've been, but I had a nice visit to the The Olde Triangle (Irish Pub) in Wabasha, MN. It's not a destination restaurant by any means, but a nice stop if you're passing through.