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Aug 22, 2008 10:27 AM

best BBQ smokers

I am looking to buy a smoker in the 200 or - range. does any one have any suggestions.

how about vertical versus horizontal?

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  1. I have an old vertical water smoker that does pretty well, but I'd love to have one of those sidewinders too - those seem to be about as close as you can come to a proper barbecue pit, short of either spending lots more money or building something non-portable. The good thing about what I have is that you can do moist or dry smoking, or you can just use it as a charcoal grill. Having two tiers is nice, too - the top one, under the domed lid, cooks at a higher temperature, so you can pick what you want to cook quickly or slowly. First time I used it I did a chicken up top and pork shoulder down below at an all-day party - the chicken was lunch and the pork was dinner!

    1. I'd recommend the Weber Smokey Mountain in that price range. Amazon has them for $210 with free shipping.

      There also an extensive website about cooking with the WSM.

      Horizontal smokers can produce good results but there's more fire-tending than I'm willing to do.

      1. Two top smokers


        Smokin Tex

        as you can see they are almost identical.

        1. I dont like to use the word best, since different people have different needs/methods for bbq.

          I have owned both types, and I prefer the offset smoker with a firebox on the side.

          1. I also have owned both an offset and a vertical and both have advantages and disadvantages. A vertical is more difficult to maintain an even temperature from top to bottom but you can put a bunch of meat in one. An offset is much easier to control temps in but doesn't have the room a vert does. If I were buying today, I would probably purchase the Weber Smokey Mountain. It compact and well built, and there's quite a bit of contest winning "Q" that comes off of them.