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Aug 22, 2008 10:11 AM

ISO Rice Cake Recipe

I've been looking for a recipe to make rice cakes. I don't mean the korean kind, but the Quaker Rice cake kind. Is such a thing possible to make at home, or does that require factory equipment to make? I want to make different flavors, but I can't figure out the kind of glue that's going to hold it all together.Thank you for any advice you can give!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You would need specialized equipment, They use a variation of the puffed rice technique (super high heat and pressure). A small amount of uncooked rice is placed in a machine that applies pressure while the rice is heated, keeping the rice in place and flat. The rice itself provides the "glue" when it puffs and forms the "cake".

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        Thanks Hannaone, I appreciate your answer!

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          While you may need special equipment to exactly duplicate the recipe, I don't see why you can't try to approximate the product. I'd start with puffed rice cereal. The hard part's already been done.

          A caramel base or cocoa base shouldn't be too hard to get the stuff stuck together. A marshmallow fluff base could work as well. The powdered cheese base could be tricky though. I'd try the powdered stuff from a mac & cheese box. You'd want the liquid to be very minimal or else it would collapse the cereal.

          As far as forming the patties, I'd use my old tupperware hamburger patty press.

        2. did you ever find a recipe that works? please let me know!!!!!!!