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Aug 22, 2008 10:09 AM

update on manka's

according to, "inside scoop," margaret grade and daniel delong have won approval from marin county officials to rebuild their famous lodge in inverness.

this is good news. manka's was my favorite dinner destination in the pt. reyes/tomales bay region.

here's a link to the news brief (second item down):

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  1. Good news, but wow, that seems like a long time to get approval to rebuild something that was there for years.

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      Very Small place.
      Big politics.

      I went to a knitting retreat here last year and had some of the best meals ever. I would stay just for breakfast if I could afford it...

    2. Over the years Manka's has been a very special place for me and my wife. It's great news that they've finally gotten rebuild permission....but I'd like to remind everyone that none of the "outbuildings" were touched by the fire. We've stayed with them a couple of times now since the fire and, while the loss of the lodge was and is devastating, it is still an absolutely wonderful and charming place to stay. We're also going to be with them (we live on the East Coast, love love love the area, so we're serious, i guess!) this weekend. Please remember that without our support (yes, money) Manka's, and places like it, can't survive! Now, about food: I can confirm that in-room breakfasts are absolutely being provided. Last visit: Fresh coffee and juice, fresh fruit, toast, freshly baked apple cinnamon tart that would make you cry. And, in-room "fireside dinners" are also available, but not every night. Three courses etc. Why not every night? Chef and partner just had twins last month!

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        Small update, as of this past weekend: Currently, no breakfast. But....you can get a wonderful, custom-prepared dinner served to you right in your room. Not sure how many times a week that's available.

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          Did you actually get the dinner, and if so, could you report on it? What were you served?

          As I mentioned in another thread; I stayed at Manka's once before the fire, and, on a night when the restaurant wasn't open had a dinner served in my room. It was most definitely not that great, certainly not wonderful, and not worth the money we paid for it (though I did like the room and the breakfast in the now closed dining room the next day).

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            As you've seen in my earlier posts, my wife and I are big fans. We were lucky enough to eat several "pre fire" dinners in the restaurant - and breakfasts too, since we stayed there. We have LOVED the food.

            What we care about most is FOOD WITH FLAVOR (i've been know to keep mentioning that in my posts) - and this meal delivered in a big way. Dinner on Saturday was wonderful - lovely cabin, sitting in front of a roaring fire in the early Inverness evening. I suppose we could have asked, but we did not know ahead of time what it would be - all we knew was to expect something delivered between 7:00 and 7:30. I'd consider what we got a very lovely upscale comfort food dinner, perfect for the cool weather of early Fall. The meal came in two deliveries; first: A twist on a Caeser salad (including artichoke hearts and at least three types of greens) followed by a delicious baked chicken dish. Very large leg/thighs in a cast iron skillet accompanied (in the skillet) by a rich hash of corn, tomatoes, potato, and I don't know what else. The hash by itself could have been a meal - but then we would have missed out on the perfectly seasoned chicken, crunchy skin, moist meat, etc. Also, we could have asked for a bottle of wine, but we brought our own. About 30-45 minutes later, second delivery was dessert, a poached spiced sliced pear with some sort of heavenly creamy cheesy accompaniment. My mouth is watering again.

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              I return to San Francisco every year during the holidays, and was fortunate to eat Christmas Dinner 2006 at Manka's, never imagining that two days later I would only have that memory; sadden that I'd be unable to return to that historic edifice.

              On Monday, of this week, I called to inquire if they had rebuilt, and was told they hoped to be open in the Spring of 2009.

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                This is hopeful indeed. Our understanding from discussions a few days ago is that they hope to get construction of the lodge going etc early 2009. So while I suppose it's possible that "spring 2009" could happen (and I hope it does!) don't hold your breath. To repeat earlier comments, though: all outbuildings were totally unaffected by the fire, they're in great shape. Office is now in a little silver trailer parked on the front of the property.

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                sounds much better than what I had, which was basically cold cuts and lukewarm soup, No dessert either. Do you mind telling us approximate cost?