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Aug 22, 2008 09:59 AM

Michigan: Spatz bread

Every time we go Up North, we try to find Spatz bread to bring home as it's not sold around Detroit. If you haven't tried it, it's the most basic white bread you'll find with about 5 ingredients in it--not artisanal at all, just bread. It goes stale very quickly but makes fabulous toast.

We stopped at the store in Millington where we usually pick some up on the way home and they didn't have any. So I'm looking for a more reliable source, somewhere between Tawas and Vassar (we usually come down US23, then M13 to Bay City, then M15 down to Clarkston).

Don't want to get too far off the beaten track, but I'm hoping someone will know of an IGA or little store that keeps this stuff in stock.

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  1. If you're in Vassar, try Central ShopRite. They sometimes have it, but sometimes you have to look hard for it. Also, try Napoleano bread. Just like the wonderful bread served in Greektown.

    1. I was born in Bay City and raised on Spatz. Stop at any grocery in Bay City and they'll usually have Spatz or will be able to direct you to a place you can buy it.

      Did you know that Spatz shuts down for a time in July or August so their employees can have a vacation? During that time, you can't get it.

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      1. re: charlesbois

        Ah, that might explain the lack of Spatz in the store we stopped at! Although this store has been out of it at other times, so I was hoping to find someplace else to check. We'll probably be in Frankenmuth the weekend after Labor Day for the car show if the weather is good, so we'll check around.

      2. spatz's bread is truly one of the worlds greats. great crumb, full of flavor and like the others on this blog, when i go back to michigan in the summer i always buy it.

        as for other good eats in the saginaw area, i would put doyles hamburgers on the list.
        hot seared scrambled beef, fresh bun, touch of onions, mustard, pickles and ketchup.
        sounds too basic to be noteworthy, but it truly is a must try.

        also there is an A&W on gratiot street. thats been there for years, truly one of the best
        dogs with sauce in the U.S.

        if anyone has recipies for the dogs or the bread please let me know.

        i would open a shop in portland serving all 3

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        1. re: g melcher

          Wow, your mention of the A&W on Gratiot makes me think of my mom, a Saginaw native. She always said the A&W on Gratiot was the best anywhere--no other A&W was even close, in her opinion.

          And she always called hamburgers, "hamburgs"--I figured that was a Saginaw thing!

          My mom died this past spring and although it brings a tear to my eye to think of her, especially at Christmas, this memory makes me smile!

        2. Spatz bread was one of our staples growing up. I have not had this wonderful treat since I was living at home, around 1982 or so. I have SO missed this treasure and when I recently visited Saginaw, I bought 4 loaves! I drove cross-country back to Arizona and now have just finished two pieces of toast. When I was in the U.S.Navy, my Mom would freeze it and ship it to me in Naples, Italy! So wonderful and so full of flavor. I am SO glad this company is still in business so I can share this bread with my little girls.

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          1. re: phansen

            I'm glad this thread got a bump! Spatz bread is so great. This summer my fam brought me a loaf home from Bay City. I froze it and had toast for a week!

          2. sold at Brian's Food and Meat Market in West Branch Michigan accross from KMart