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Aug 22, 2008 09:59 AM

King Do, Dorchester

Stopped by this brand new Vietnamese spot on Dorchester Ave. at Hancock St (DBar, Antojitos Chapinas). The place is huge, bright and clean, with ample parking in a nearby lot. Lots of tables near the windows and a big grocery section that doesn't feel fully stocked yet. There are big windows at the back to allow a view of the bakery and a large open kitchen area.
There's coffee, bubble tea and smoothies, a section of warm and cold prepared foods, and a good selection of bakery items (including special occasions cakes). I didn't try any of this but it all looked good. What I did try was bahn mi. There's a list of a dozen or so, of which I tried the BBQ beef and the shredded pork. The first thing of note was the bread. The sandwiches are not on the type of bahn mi french bread rolls you typically see but instead on half of a somewhat narrow baguette (somewhere between a ficelle and a traditional baguette in width). So you end up with quite a long (10 inches) and narrow sandwich, which I thought worked great. Came with the usual cilantro, carrot, daikon and cucumber with a little onion and sliced red (and quite hot) chilies. The beef was outstanding, very tender and flavorful, in a generous amount. The pork was dry but I think that's the way it's supposed to be (cha bong a.k.a. cotton meat) so it's really a matter of personal preference. I think they have another pork sandwich but I'm not sure (they don't have takeout menus yet and the website seems to still be inactive.) Don't remember about vegetarian options but they must have had tofu and they definitely had sardine, which I believe is still not a vegetable, but you know what I mean. Very friendly staff with plenty of english spoken.

Overall, they jump right to the top of my bahn mi list. Sandwiches are $3. I'd happily pay $5.

1229 Dorchester Ave.

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  1. Yeah, we drove by the place the other night and slowed down to take a look inside (much to the chagrin of the driver behind us, oops). I definitely want to get there over the coming weeks.

    I also noticed that there is a new Asian tea house down the road in the Wollaston section of Quincy. I think it's called Tea Hut. Has anyone tried it?

    BTW, the Web site you posted is a domain page from GoDaddy. Nothing really on it at all...

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      Their Vnmese sandwiches are the biggest and best in town right now. Everything else sold there is mediocre or worse. When you buy two sandwiches, they give you a 2ft. long plain baguette for free!

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        Another exercise in flashy mediocrity. I went today at 1:15 they were out of meatball. I got a bbq beef and a kingdo special. My number was called about 1 minute after I placed my order. The sandwiches were premade. They each had a tag on them identifying the sandwich and the time they were made (1:01 and 1:03). The beef lacked any discernible flavor, the onions were soft and mushy and the chili they used was jalapeno sliced lengthwise and not dressed. I asked for my sandwiches spicy. There was not any hint of flavor of fish sauce on the bbq beef.

        The kingdo special was the typical pate spread and coldcuts with the same nondescript vegetables and jalapeno peppers. I only had one bite of this one and didn't want anymore.
        I kind of liked the bread and think if they used one of the 400 baguettes that were lined up behind the counter to make the sandwich right then it might have been better. They did give me a free baguette with my two sandwiches which I will turn into a sandwich mixte for a nice car ride tomorrow.
        Service staff was very very pleasant and thankful.

        Somebody pumped some money into this place, not sure if it is one of a kind but it's got chain development written all over it.

        1. re: Wursthof

          I agree the beef tasted like crappy dried beef jerky but their typical colddut were excellent. Everyone, including the the owner of the nearby competitor BaLe sandwich who came by, commented how good it was.

          The Truong Thinh Asian Market owner hired someone who used to work for and then copied exactly the concept of the chain of Lee's Sandwiches (saigongourmet.com) in San Jose, California. The desert, french coffee, smoothie, pate chaude, crescent, snacks from Lee's are really really good but with average sandwiches. Kinh Do sandwiches are better than Lee's but everything else falls way short. They even sell wedding/birthday cakes that are shockingly priced higher than Konditor Meister.