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Aug 22, 2008 09:57 AM

one dinner & one brunch

Hey all,

Sadly, I am limited to 1 dinner and 1 brunch in Montreal. Looking for a great french meal for dinner to impress my boyfriend.....considering PDC (although i have been there before) or a BYOW french restaurant.....As for brunch, anywhere yummy with good bread would do!

any suggestions? very much appreciated!!

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  1. Hey there - we are not spoilt for choices here as you know.
    For an all time classic French meal bistro style, I would recommend "L'Express" on Saint Denis. Do book ahead though.
    For similar (or better quality) French but BYOB style restaurant do look at "Yoyo" on the plateau which I think is on Garnier.
    For an impressive old world setting and great brunch try the Mount Stephen Club on Sundays.

    1. I'd do Lemeac for dinner, and Byblos for brunch.

      1. Au Cinquième Péché was my "great French meal" when I was there last week, and it was truly great. I just posted on it on a different thread.

        Brunch was Le Cartet, if I remember correctly. Very good.