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Aug 22, 2008 09:27 AM

wine & dineLA 2008?

Just wonder, how does this restaurant list rate among fellow hounders radar?

Is the price fair? I'm not a drinker so I am 99% going for without wine pairing. Is it worth it then? Cause so far comments I heard are like... it's only worth it if you are doing it with wine pairing only.

I booked SimonLA (9/13) and Jar (9/20) for now... would love to have more input from fellow hounders :-



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  1. Well, a lot of the menus this year have goddamn nuts on them, so me, being deathly allergic, will miss out AGAIN.

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    1. re: Diana

      wow..was about $35 last time there was a Dine LA thing. these all average over $100. someone please convince me i should give it a go....not sure i want to spend that much during this promotion....are any of these really worth the cost?

    2. I'm not going to any of these. At those prices, I'd rather choose from the full menu. Too much chicken and salmon for those prices.
      Whist is offering a $49 wine pairing for their $40 dinner. Please.