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Aug 22, 2008 09:19 AM

Lawry's Beverly Hills

I'm going to Lawry's tonight with a bunch of friends. I looked at the menu online and it all looks great. Being that they don't put the prices on the online menu & this is my first time there I would like to know what I'm in for.

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  1. expect 50 PP w/o drink

    don't get the doublecut one unless you are one heavy, heavy eater. i did it once and vowed never to do it again.

    1. Is it cool to ask for seconds on the sides at Lawry's? Would they give you more mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, or creamed corn gratis?

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        mashed potatoes and yorkshire pudding are included in the base price, and i've always gotten plenty of extra free yorkshire... they'd probably give you a little extra potatoes, too, if you asked.

        creamed corn is a la carte, so you'd have to pay for that.

      2. I recommend the creamed spinach and the creamed corn. The baked potato is also heaven... all are extra $$

        1. For the prime rib you have 5 cuts, with the smallest being California Cut ($31) to the Beef Bowl (not sure exact price, but probably around $50), with each cut priced about $3 difference. A la Carte sides are around $6 (Asparagus with hollandaise is $7 for ~ 6 stalks), lowest glass of wine is the house wine ~ $8 (I usually go for the San Simeon Syrah ~ $12). Don't forget about $6 for valet (unless you park in the structure before the building, but I think that has a fee itself.) Not sure on any of the seafood prices as I've never ordered it.

          If you plan on going back to Lawry's often, you should sign up for their VIP membership. You get points for every dollar, and every 250 pts you get a free $25 gift certificate. Plus you get birthday coupons/certificates as well as anniversaries, which you can use at their Lawry's Carver (if you have one in your area). Initial fee is $25, I believe, but you make it back in discounts. I saved up 500pts and went last week, only cost me and my gf $28. I never received my free seasoned salt and pepper shakers, though. =(

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            Thanks for the info. There is a lot I really like about Lawry's, but it really does peeve me when a restaurant does not post prices with its online menu.

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              The VIP membership also applies to the Tam O' Shanter.

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                Does it apply to their Carverys as well?

                1. re: nosh

                  I'm believe so. All of the Lawry's restaurants participate in the VIP rewards program.