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Aug 22, 2008 08:35 AM

"Half-price" Asheville dining

A couple of local radio stations have been advertising 1/2 price dining so we checked it out and it worked great for us. (Note: I don't work for either of these stations - we just like to eat out and if we can save a little money it's all good!)
Each week they feature one or more local restaurants and you can buy gift certificates for 1/2 the price. For example we got a gift certificate for $50 at Corner Kitchen and paid $25 (plus S&H of about $3). I ordered on-line w/ credit card and got the gift card about 1 week later and used it within a few days without any hitches. is the site for 96.5 WOXL - this week they have Phil's BBQ and next week they're offering Southside Cafe and the following Mellow Mushroom. is the site for 104.3 Star - this week they have Norton's Grill, Old Europe, Razcal's, Pastabilities and Thai Basil

Some of these places interest me and some not...but it's a good deal if it's someplace you like or would like to try. Also there aren't as many pesky restrictions like buy one entree and get the other at 1/2 price.

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  1. That's interesting, Leah. A couple of questions.... 1. Does the gift card have to be redeemed in one visit? and 2. Does it have an expiration date?

    Recently, as most of us have, I've been trying to cut back on expenses and this might be a good way to do that. It will at least contribute to the effort.

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      I think different restaurants may have different restrictions/requirements. I got one $50 for Corner Kitchen and 2 - $25 for Old Europe but had no problem using them on the total bill.

    2. I did this for a $50 certificate to Thai Basil. The only thing that wasn't as it seemed was that they sent two $25 certificates instead of one $50, and there was a stipulation that you could only use one cert at a time. (On the website it said you could use more than one, but on the cert it said one only). Not a big problem at all, just not entirely as advertised. The good thing was you could use it for alcohol, so a $25 cert for 2 people with 2 appetizers, 2 entrees and a bottle of wine went pretty far at TB. And we have another one to use. It doesn't expire until June 2009. Leepa, as far as I know the entire cert does have to be redeemed in one visit, though different restaurants may have different stipulations.

      Overall I do think these certs are a better deal (with less restrictions) than most you can find on

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