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Aug 22, 2008 08:31 AM

Good Eats Near Portland Intl' Jetway

I have a group of people that are going to be visiting Maine from out of town in a few weeks. One has an earlier flight out of Portland and then the rest fly out of Portland two hours later.

I am looking for a decent place close to the airport where I can take the remainder of the group to lunch. Any ideas? We are looking for casual fare - nothing ethnic or exotic as I don't know what types of food everyone prefers. I realize it may have to be a chain, like the Weathervane, but I'd rather it not be. Even a good pizza joint would be fine.

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  1. Ricetta's on Western Ave is close and has a buffet at lunchtime. If you don't see a pizza you like on the buffet, ask and they'll make it (and bring you a couple slices at your table if you are lucky. The buffet has salads, soups, pizza and dessert pizza (which I find kind of gross).

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      I'd second Ricetta's. The mid day pizza buffet is fabulous, with all-you-can-eat pizza in various types, salads, soups, and more. Plus there, a menu for other options.

    2. Ricetta's does have good pizza. I like Sebago Brewing Co., which has pretty good food (at least the last time I went) and great craft beer selections. I also like the food at Thatcher's, also very close to the airport.

      1. With that much time, I think you could easily get in to Great Lost Bear: no more than 12-15 minutes from the Jetport if you come in Congress and cut over to Forest Ave on Woodfords.

        1. consider Espo's on Congress St. for basic Italian on the "Portland" side of the airport entrance

          Espo's Trattoria
          1335 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102

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            For my taste (and I live in the neighborhood), Espo's is a couple of steps down from "basic Italian:" I don't think the pasta's homemade, the basic marinara is sweet and boring, etc. If your folks want Italian, take Ricetta's every time.

          2. Not sure Espo's is open for lunch...
            Macroni Grill at the Mall is also fast and good.................

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