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Aug 22, 2008 07:43 AM

Spring Roll Wrappers!? Where?

I really hope i'm doing this right lol I've reading here for awhile, and I'm finally taking "the plunge" ;)

Do any of you guys know where I can buy Spring roll wrappers? (i'm on the south shore) Not the rice type that you put in water first, the type you fry to a golden brown ;) I have looked EVERYWHERE...S&S, Shaws, Whole Foods, Hannafords..and even at the chinese market in luck. I ask the people who work at these *wonderful* establishments and they bring me to the Eggroll and wonton wrappers...erm, ya.

Anyways, anyone know? It's driving me mad! :)

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  1. Are you sure they're not at Super88 or Kam Man? I see them there all the time.

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    1. re: kobuta

      Kam Man, that's they place I was referring too in Quincy, the name was escaping me when I was writing the post lol

      I looked there too, maybe they were out? Hmmm..I will look again when I go back. Super88? I've never heard of it (Just moved here from VA so i'm learning different places lol) Whereabouts is that?

      1. re: dania

        Super88 is on 733 Hancock St in Wollaston. Right next to Eastern Bank and a church. Much smaller than Kam Man, but spring roll wrappers and such are staples at Chinese markets. I'd be surprised they would run out (especially at Kam Man). They are located in the refrigerated section with the fresh noodles and stuff.

    2. They should be in the refrigerated section of the asian grocery stores, close to the fresh wonton wrappers and fresh noodles.

      I *think* eggroll wrappers are the same as deep fried spring roll wrappers. The chinese name for eggroll is actually spring roll. I think it turned into the term eggroll, because chinese american spring rolls were dipped in raw egg prior to frying.

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      1. re: beetlebug

        I missed that portion of the post, and you are absolutely right beetlebug. Eggroll wrappers ARE spring roll wrappers. Eggrolls are properly called spring rolls in Chinese, and that's the exact section where you should find them - along with the wonton skins. In fact they should look exactly like wonton skins, only bigger.

      2. Ming's in the South End and all of the Super 88s definitely carry them.

        1. If you are looking for the rice paper (methinks) variety they are in the freezer. They are little less pliable and larger than the noodle type egg roll wrapper and any of the Quincy markets should have them.

          1. Well I used to buy spring roll wrappers down in VA. They are thinner than your wonton or eggroll wrapper. I definitely do not want the clear rice ones ;)

            Am I missing something? lol When I do egg rolls the outside is bumpy...when I do spring rolls they're nice and smooth and flaky...

            see pic...seriously if i'm being dense let me know what i'm missing lol

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            1. re: dania

              Then I would suggest buying a Chinese brand. Chinese do not use the term egg roll; they are called spring rolls. Egg rolls in Chinese are bakery items, make of spongey cake and have nothing to do with fried spring rolls whatsoever. I have never bought spring roll skins in Chinatown that turn out bumpy.

              1. re: kobuta

                No cause the "bumpy" ones are egg rolls. ;) I'm not referring to any "dessert" type of thing. Spring rolls usually have veggies in them, as opposed to egg rolls which have the veggies, and meat.

                I'll just hunt at Kam Man again tomorrow and hopefully find them.

                1. re: dania

                  Yes, I'm Chinese so I'm familiar with spring rolls. That's why I suggest you go to Chinatown and buy a Chinese brand of wrappers because egg rolls (as Americans know them) do not exist in Chinese cuisine. Spring roll skins I've bought from chinese markets in the past have never turned out bumpy.

                  By the way, you can actually buy Vietnamese spring roll skins too - they turn out just like the Chinese kind and if you have troubles distinguishing between an egg roll skin and a spring roll skin, the Vietnamese packaging may be easier.

                  EDIT: And I do not mean the rice wrappers. Vietnamese also has spring roll skins meant for frying.

              2. re: dania

                Part of it is also technique. The pictured eggroll was probably dipped in egg prior to frying. Also, they are fatter and not as tightly wrapped. The bumpiness comes from a looser wrap and it's more air bubbly in the skin.

                Spring rolls, are skinnier, tightly wrapped, and there is a different frying technique (I haven't done this, but I've watched my mom do it). You have to double fry it. Light fry first (think of the frying equivalent of par boil) and then fry again.

                As for thinner, like wonton wrappers, there are different thicknesses. Compare the weight to number of wrappers in the package. The higher number of wrappers will be a thinner skin (provided the packaged weights are comparable).

                1. re: beetlebug

                  Also, different regions of the country may carry different brands of wrappers. Here, we get a lot from Canada and NY.

                  And, I agree with kobuta, look for a chinese brand.