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Aug 22, 2008 07:33 AM

Long Island foodies please help

I am planning a trip that involves flying into MacArthur on a saturday around 1pm then driving to Nassau Coliseum area. I used to live in Islip area 15 yrs ago and would like to take the couple we are traveling with to a decent lunch once we arrive. A great diner would be fine too.

Sunday am we are driving to Orient Point to take ferry. Any suggestions on a nice Sunday lunch spot, pref. seafood/clam type thing? The trip is end of October, so not sure if any of the outside areas would still be open.

Any suggestions for stops on the ride out on a Sunday from Uniondale to Orient Point, i.e wineries, farm stands, etc would be appreciated. I am sure the area has changed a lot and any input is greatly appreciated!!


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  1. The good news is it is Fall Harvest in the North Folk so there is a lot to do -- you will be in wine country. There are many farm stands on RT25 One place that I have not been to but I am dying as I have other friends that rave about this plave is is Frisky Oyster at 27 Front Street, Greenport, Ny I can't seem to get my other friends away from The Elbow room which is another Amazing place There are a bunch of them --

    Right by Nassau Coliseum - there is not much but I do like The Bayou which is in Bellmore -- The Bayou -- this is very close to NC - about 10 mins away.

    And for wineries -- Martha Claria is great and there is a picnic area and my faves(good wine and resonable) is Macari.

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      if you time for a good morning start,i'd highly recommend thomas's ham & eggery in westbury or maureens kitchen in smithtown.they are the 2 highest rated breakfast spots on long island.we especially like the stuffed french toast and special waffles and pancakes at thomas's.

    2. I would strongly recommend that you make reservations at The North Fork Inn and Table for a Sunday lunch. The Frisky Oyster is a wonderful choice too. The Elbow Room is pretty pedestrian by comparison IMHO. I once had one of their "famous" marinated steaks -- it was so salty I couldn't choke it down. I know it does a great business, but I can't quite figure out why. The North Fork Inn and Table had a fabulous menu using many locally sourced ingredients.

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        Don't understand the hype about this out of the way spot either. Has the ambiance of a local dive bar. We recently had toughest, saltiest steak imaginable there. To make matters worse, at the same table, a crab leg "special" had to be sent back, since it was so fishy it was actually foul.

        Stick with Frisky....or North Fork (but bring your wallet for NF! Ouch!) Excellent pastry chef on premises!

      2. The best wineries to attend are:
        Waters Crest

        If you are just looking for a lunch on Sunday, head to the cheese shop on Love Lane and pack a picnic to eat a winery. Do a tasting, buy a bottle, and then pop the picnic basket. Roanoke or Pellegrini are great places to do this; if it is raining Bedell has a large covered deck.

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          I like both Palmer and Martha Clara to do a picnic lunch.

        2. If they are open try North Fork Table and Inn for lunch.