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Aug 22, 2008 07:14 AM

French Bread Baguettes for Bahn Mi

I was just in Austin, TX where they do a really good Bahn Mi. I had one with Chinese Roast Pork, jalapenos and the mayonaise-y sauce....ummmm. I know everyone loves Rose Cafe and Ba Le but I'm just not feeling it so I was going to try to make my own. Where do you think the best place would be to get nice baguettes?

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  1. i don't love rose cafe and i found ba le a bit overpriced and not what i like out of my bahn mi.

    love nguyen houng on spadina north of dundas though. they recently changed things and along with a rise in price (to $1.75) they also changed up their "sizes" and then changed their baguette options. the fillings don't seem to be less even with a smaller baguette. anyhow, they have two kinds with one being a much longer skinnier crustier one and a second that is fatter and a touch softer but often with a good crust when you get them nice and fresh or toast them up. i've been able to buy just the baguettes before but don't recall the price. give 'em a shot.

    1. I liked Nguyen Houng back in the day when it sold its Banh Mi for $1,and although the price has risen up to$ 1.75 there has been no difference to me in theamount,flavor,toppings that they put into their sandwiches.I have recently begun making my own Bahn Mi at home and I am quite pleased with the results I have achived.I have seen Banh Mi buns sold in Asian Supermarkets In North York and Scarborough I think they were sold for about 50 cents each but have never used them.I tend to use 8'' French baguettes bought from Costco.

      sweetlil I hope your Banh Mi come out as good as mine did.

      Happy cooking!