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Aug 22, 2008 06:27 AM

Maple Leaf Foods

Not a fan of Corporate mass produced foods, but this company has certainly gone into decline in some aspects. The recent recall of processed meat products sold everywhere to everyone comes from the many downward changes in corporate ownership, seeking to cut corners and increase profit. Not much different than when we see a superb Restaurant see a change in Proprietorship/Chef! Change is inevitable and often successful, but I have always preferred quality in Italian and European salami/sausage producers. Certainly, this situation makes a complete mockery of Toronto's forced closing of a Polish butcher making his own in shop Kolbossa due to health concerns, when his old fashioned way is how ithas been done for generations!!!

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  1. Reopened yet? Location? Issues?
    I would like to know Maple Leaf products unsafe.

    1. I was 14 years old - they thought i was 16. Here i was packing meat, sealing it, putting into the boxes & getting it ready for shipping to your store & your table.

      It was awful, and i told my parents the same thing. Never buy anything that is processed thru Swifts or Canada Packers.

      What the hell is the difference with Maple Leaf.

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        Not much of course, a difference is that Corporate takeovers have reduced customer satisfaction from office to plant,etc. My point is that there is now a problem, that even small takeovers such as in a restaurant can be an undesireable effect, and that hundreds of years of food production is unacceptable to food bureaucrats as per beyond having a hot dog stand, etc. And a concern to all who buy from any large fast food or retail organization that quality is never a concern. Fact of the matter is that you can from any organization purchase a product and at any unknown time it could be a Maple Leaf/Swifts/Canada Packers product, etc., mass produced full of unknown product, too much salt,etc. An elaborate and large essay will no doubt follow in the media, enough is enough and the way too many large food producers operate is as you infer, more than enough!!!!!

      2. And of course, the outright banning of imported unpasteurized cheeses (OK a few exceptions) as they are a Listeria risk (as far as I know, not one case ever found in North America from unpasteurized cheese).