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Aug 22, 2008 06:22 AM

Back to school lunch

well the little one heads back to school on Monday and I will need to pack a lunch most days. The school lunch is really terrible and she usually won't eat it. Any of you Moms out there in CH land have great school lunch ideas, I always seem to run out of ideas.

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  1. tofu
    hard boiled eggs
    corn on the cob
    vegetable sushi or rice balls
    leftovers (ribs, pasta, fried chicken)
    cheese, crackers, salami and grapes
    fresh fruit (bananas, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple)

    i wouldn't mind a few new ideas as well.

    1. i'll be packing my kids' lunches in bento boxes this year.

      graham crackers and cream cheese
      pbj rolled up in a flour tortilla
      pasta salad made with fav veggies and vinaigrette
      pb, cinnamon sugar, and banana on wheat bread
      ham, turkey, cheeses rolled in a tortilla
      hard boiled eggs
      fruit salad
      garden salad
      vegetables and dip
      pb and celery
      crackers and cheese
      yogurt with granola

      1. Luckily my pre-schooler eats just about anything...I usually include 3 parts to the lunch...

        Something like...
        Hummus sandwich on whole wheat bread
        Salami sandwich (or turkey or ham) in a wrap
        Egg Salad in a wrap
        Cream Cheese and Jelly (can't send peanut butter to school)
        Leftovers (ravioli, chinese chicken and broccoli with rice, baked ziti with turkey sausage) in a thermos-type of container so that it stays warm
        Turkey chili with brown rice

        And then I stick in some combination of a gogurt, cherry tomatoes, jello or jello pudding, fruit, cucumbers, sliced red, yellow and orange peppers, graham crackers, veggie chips, applesauce or whatever else I happen to buy that week.

        I like the corn on the cob idea!