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Aug 22, 2008 05:05 AM

What to do with a big piece of Pancetta?

I can do a nice Pasta e Figioli but looking for something else.

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  1. What about a carbonara or amatriciana?

    1. Spaghetti Carbonara. Creamy and delish.

      1. Several uses come to mind:
        fried bits in a salad
        a base for several red pasta sauces
        pizza or crostini topping
        sauteed with garlic & a variety of vegetables....peas, greens

        1. agree on the carbonara or amatriciana recs.

          Dice and brown, and stir into cooked polenta

          Use in place of bacon in a frisee aux lardon salad.

          1. All of the suggestions given are great ideas, but don't feel as thought you need to "get rid of" it. Slice it thickly or dice it and freeze it. You can pull out a slice to cut up, or a handful of cubes, and use it as needed.

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              Thank you, it really is a big hunk and since I'm watching my fat and calories, this will work.

              1. re: Sallie

                I confess to not being patient enough to do even, small dice. So a 4oz. package of Trader Joe's quarter-inch diced pancetta is always in my freezer. It's easy to loosen a few tablespoons' worth when braising greens, making home fries, or for pasta dishes.