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Aug 21, 2008 11:29 PM

Advice with chinese/western wedding cuisine please

Hi everyone, my fiance and I are having troubles in finding someplace that will accommodate both types of food for us. She is chinese and I am a whitey with my parents in pennsylvania (making it tougher to plan around their travel preferences than it should be).

We were looking at the Hilton in San Gabriel and had our hearts *almost*.. set on the place when the hilton representative we were talking to seemed to change their prices.. to the tune of 200% of what she originally told us we could have a ceremony on the roof and then a reception in one of the ballrooms for. We need to clarify why the pricing is soo different, but it's pushed us to try and look for other places to have our shindig.

Then we were also looking at the Universal City Hilton, which seems ok, and the pricing also seems reasonable, but then read another post on this board talking about how it's a nice place, but it can also be very hectic with parking and people getting there, since it's so close to universal city/walk.

Anyways, caroline and I were hoping that you learned and kind people could give us some advice and share some of your experiences in planning a wedding somewhere that caters to both chinese and western tastes.

Thanks for all your time and consideration,

Ryan and Caroline

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  1. Congrats to the two of you! My day is soon coming as well and my fiance is a 'whitey' as you call it and I am Chinese. We are having a traditional reception, but I have checked around for a combination. Can you tell me where you are getting married and how far you are willing to travel for the reception. Another option is if you do not have a ceremony site, you can do something like the Arboretum and have the reception catered there. Also, some sites, like the Queen Mary and others offer catering w/mixed meals, buffet style or stations.

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      Hi Justagthing,

      Thanks for your suggestions. We would love to have our wedding at the Arboretum but they require that you have $1 million insurance and you have to hire a guard for every 50 quests. So we are still looking for a wedding venue in the Los Angeles area.

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        Thanks for your suggestions justagthing. We would love to have our wedding at the Arboretum but they require $ 1 million insurance and you have to hire a guard for every 50-75 quests. So we are still looking for a wedding venue that will accommodate both a ceremony and a reception in the Los Angeles area.

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          A couple of other suggestions:
          This is a nice place I checked out in Westminster where you can have both the ceremony an reception. They have a kitchen so they can do Chinese food and may be able to do a combo.

          I think I recall checking w/the Queen Mary as well and they are able to do Chinese food, so they may be able to handle a combo as well maybe at stations.

          Finally, I found this part of the knot to be helpful:

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            Thank you again and congrats and good lucky on your special day.

      2. Depends on how traditional the Chinese side is. The last several years I have attended several weddings of this nature. They all have a western style reception, and then the Chinese side would host a strictly Chinese banquet.

        1. I've been to some fabulous "diverse" weddings in Orange County, if you're willing to go that far. The Westin at South Coast Plaza and the Double Tree in Santa Ana are really great. They're very accomodating, and the Chinese food was brought in by a great Chinese restaurant, while the hotel took care of the "American" food.

          1. Ryan and Caroline -- Congrats!!

            I think there are a number of options, but it would be easier figure out a location first of where you'd like everything to be held - that would really help you narrow down the ideas.

            I'll let everyone else speak to other locations, but I'd like to put in my 2cents about the Universal Hilton if the only thing you're worried about is the crowds/parking/logistics, etc.

            I've been to more than my share of weddings there, some for over 500+ people. They do a phenomenal job with food (you can definitely work with them to create a menu you like) and their manager is really efficient. I've sat at the head table a number of times, and they really do make sure that the bride and groom are taken care of for the evening.

            With weddings of that size, I have never noticed any big logistical problems. It can be a nightmare if your guests may be prone to running late, but if you stress an earlier start-time than what you intend, you should be fine. Just plan your day-of schedule well, and let the hotel handle the rest -- they are a well greased machine.

            Enjoy!!!! :)

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              Thank you so much everyone for your inputs. We really appreciate all your responses. We will reconsider the Universal Hilton. We are also looking into the Marriot & the Westin in Los Angeles. Does anyone know anything about these 2 hotels? Thank you again.

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                I would think that the Marriot and the Westin will be extremely expensive, plus if you said you want cuisine accommodating both western and Chinese, they don't fit the bill. Our company had a Christmas dinner at the Westin a few years ago and it was horrible. The food and service was poor and the room was dreary but if you have a huge wedding party that might make them pay more attention to you. We had a little over 100 people but they didn't pay much attention to us.

            2. Here is my take on "fusion" weddings...I haven't been to one that works. I would just go American or go Chinese. The problem is with the fusion, you can't have the authentic Chinese stuff (shark's fin, roast piglet, live seafood), and it ends up not satisfying the Chinese guests. The American cuisine then doesn't really satisfy the American guests either. So, food wise, I would stick with one or the other. I had a friend who did a fusion food wedding at the Doubletree, and the food was the worse I had for a "Chinese-style"/fusion wedding, and I'm sure the Chinese guests felt the same way.

              I have been to a wedding where it was all American food, but they had a Chinese tea ceremony after the wedding part. That turned out to be pretty neat, and the food was good.

              Chinese people are okay with steak and chicken. They are generally not okay with semi-authentic/fusion Chinese food.

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                I'd strongly second this post.

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                  We are not having semi-authentic/fusion Chinese food. We want to have a traditional Chinese style banquet but add or subsitute a couple of Western dishes to the meal so that both Chinese and non-Chinese families and friends can enjoy.