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Aug 21, 2008 10:28 PM

Davis Saturday Farmer's Market

Are there any worthy breakfast items available at the Davis Farmer's Market on Saturdays? I haven't been in 15 years when I was a student there, so I am thinking of driving up from SF early next Saturday on my way north. Thanks.

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  1. I love the tamales and the same vendor has what are reported to be delicious breakfast burritos.

    1. Yes--there are a few bakeries that have breakfast items--croissants, breads, cinnamon rolls...the co-op also has a brunch station, with 2 types of breakfast sandwiches...also, right across the street is Crepeville and they have some yummy food--my favorite is the french toast with fruit! Its cash only there though...

      1. This is a search for vendors with prepared goods at market:

        Are you looking for traditional breakfast items? I usually go for the indian food, but the breakfast cart next to it (called "food by Jaymes" or something like that) looks good too, and they also have popsicles.

        1. Right across the street at the corner of 3rd and B, you will find
          Ciocolat, which makes wonderful pastries and serves coffee
          and other breakfast dishes: see