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Aug 21, 2008 09:58 PM

Need recommendations for place to hold baby shower in East Bay

Hi all -
Am planning a shower for my sister's 1st baby. Hoping for a place to hold the shower that feels on the posh side without having to pay a ton for same. Lunch, or better yet, afternoon tea would be lovely. Somewhere between Walnut Creek/Lafayette area and Dublin area would be lovely. Anyone have experience w/Le Bistro in WC, maybe?
Thanks v.much for your help on this!

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  1. I'll throw out a suggestion, but's it's a "chain" restaurant, which seems to generate much derision on this board. Have you considered Il Fornaio in Walnut Creek? Their prices are reasonable and if you have a big enough group, they offer several fixed menus at different price levels. I think the room by the patio would be a nice spot for a baby shower. There's a garage near by, so parking is fairly easy.

    Scott's Seafood is right next door and their tables facing the outdoor patio would also be a pretty spot, but I think their prices are more expensive than Il Fornaio.

    Sorry, I can't think of any places in Dublin that would fit your needs. If Pleasanton isn't too far, you might want to consider restaurants on Main Street in downtown Pleasanton.

    Hope that helps!