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Aug 21, 2008 09:01 PM

Thanks to the Richmond posters

My wife, b-i-l, s-i-l, and I are just finishing up a trip where we took our niece back to college at VCU. I pulled a bunch of recent posts from the board and we had some very yummy meals because of it. So, thanks to all the Richmond posters for your help!

We hit Perly's for breakfast one morning, and the atmosphere there was amazing. A very unique restaurant! And the food was top notch.

We also did dim sum for breakfast at Full Kee on our first morning. Some items were quite good (chicken feet and steamed ribs), others just so-so (har gow).

We also went to Comfort for dinner. I really enjoyed the meatloaf. The veggies were all soooooo fresh. And the pecan pie was the best I ever had! Not cloyingly sweet as most places make it.

Edo's Squid was also a destination one night. Again, everything was delicious. One minor gripe was that they refused to let my wife have penne with white clam sauce. The waiter informed us that the chef would ONLY use spaghetti for seafood dishes. So, instead she got the clams without pasta and had the penne with garlic & oil on the side and mixed it herself.

For lunch we made it to VietNam 1. We were actually trying to go to Pho So 1, but the GPS brought us to the other restaurant. Well, serendipity reigned, and we were all very happy with out dishes.

Again, thanks for all of your posts that helped us dine on this mini family vacation!

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  1. glad you had a good trip!

    1. This is what I get for writing this just before hitting the sack... Forgot a couple of other places we hit.

      Went to Richbrau for lunch when we were doing the canal cruise. I stayed to the appetizer side of the menu, having the onion rings, a salad, and the chili in a bread bowl. I have to admit I am a sucker for just about anything in a bread bowl. Where else can you get a lovely soup or stew and then use your bowl to soak up the remainder? The chili was pretty good, but had a bit more beans than I cared for. The onion rings in the beer batter were excellent.

      We also went to Ipanema Grill for Brazilian BBQ. The salad bar, while small, had some interesting items. The meats in general were pretty good and the service was very attentive.