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Aug 21, 2008 08:48 PM

Cooking/baking equipment and ingredients in HK

Hi, I just relocated to HK and I'm looking for suggestions on places to purchase baking equipments and ingredients.

I was a home baker in San Francisco and it's the only way to get myself feel at home :)

Is there a good place that sells good quality madeleine pan (with copper wire) and meyer lemon oil, good quality chocolate, pastry flour, etc?


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  1. Try looking at CitySuper (one outlet at Times Square in Causeway Bay, the other at IFC Mall in Central) or Olivers at Prince Building in Central.

    Not sure if you can find Meyer lemon oil in HK though.

    1. ah! excellent (and difficult) topic -

      for equipment, try pantry magic in causeway bay (opposite lee garden). shanghai street in mong kok has several stores selling to professionals, but bear in mind this is HK, so moon cake moulds are more likely than madeleine pans. you'll find simple cake rings and baking sheets though. spotlight at megabox will also have basic equipment.

      all the 'western' supermarkets eg. great, threesixty (good for specific dietary requirements), citysuper etc. will have things like choc and pastry flour, not so sure about lemon oil (try threesixty?)

      there's also a couple of small baking-specific stores, (e.g. one on nathan road in mong kok) but they tend to be overpriced and the things they sell are now well covered by other retailers.

      do let us know if you find any good places!

      1. Thanks! I will try hitting those suggested places and will post more if I find new stores.

        I wonder though, how much I will bake since the fancier intricate dessert is so readily available everywhere! :)

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          I just remembered this nifty little shop in Harbour City: