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Aug 21, 2008 07:20 PM

baklava at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods?

I need to pick up some baklava for a party next weekend. Local restaurants are proposing outrageous prices. Anyone know if either TJs or Whole Foods carries it--fresh or frozen? and if anyone know if it's any good?

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  1. Whole Foods carries baklava in their bakery, but it isn't cheap. Maybe $1.75/piece?

    1. TJ's sells them by the tray (small trays), usually in the cookie section above the frozen foods. I don't remember how much, but undoubtedly far less than at Whole Foods.

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        The baklava are locally prepared and the OP is in the DC/Baltimore area it seems...

        To the OP-I've only seen baklava fresh made and can't imagine how they could freeze nuts, honey and cooked filo to make it reheat properly.

      2. Trader Joe's carries it. It runs about 6 bucks for around a dozen pieces.

        1. thanks everyone--I'll check my local TJs.
          $6 a tray is infinitely better than the $35/tray I was quoted at other places.

          1. You might want to buy some and try it first to make sure its good. I'd hate for you to take it to a party and find out its only so-so