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Aug 21, 2008 07:07 PM

Lunch with mom in / around Bennington

I'm driving my 79 year old mother north to Burlington Vermont tomorrow - we'll be around Bennington at lunch. Any suggestions? A quiet-ish place that would serve her a glass of wine would go over very well. Blue Benn my best option? Thanks!!

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  1. I think your mother would enjoy lunch at the Equinox Resort in Manchester. It's only 20 miles north of Bennington and she could definitely have a glass of wine...the dining room is called the Marsh Tavern.

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        Unless the Equiunox has changed recently, the food is pretty ho-hum. If you're going as far as Manchester Vt before you eat, I think there are a lot better choices. Try a search within this board; there's a lot of recommendations for Manchester.
        Unfortunately, nothing too stellar in Bennington. Alldays & Onions is acceptable, haven't tried Izabellas.

    1. There are two great places to eat in Bennington for lunch. Izabella's is one of my favorite lunch spots. They serve a variety of unusual sandwiches using almost entirely local ingredients. Right around the corner from Izabella's is a new fish & chips shop called Little Britain. No nonsense tradition English grub. I haven't been disappointed at either place yet (and I don't expect I will be).

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        Both good places, but at neither can you get a glass of wine and I wouldn't really call them "quiet." You could stop in Williamstown, MA at the Williams Inn or as someone suggested, keep on to Manchester.