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Aug 21, 2008 06:01 PM

Condiments still safe?

I reached into my freezer a couple of days ago for some ice cubes and found only puddles of water. Rather a shocking surprise. So a new fridge is being delivered tomorrow. The fridge and freezer spaces have been holding about 50 degrees for the last few days. The freezer is long ago cleaned out. And I'm about to go into toss-it-all-out mode from the fridge as well, given it's been in un-safe zone for way too many hours. But would any of you be tempted to keep any of those condiments/pickles/jams/capers/chile sauces/etc that populate our refrigerator shelves? Just curious. Though I may choose the "better safe than sorry" option anyway.

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  1. "condiments/pickles/jams/capers/chile sauces/etc"

    "Condiments" and "etc" are pretty vague but unless there's something unusual about everything in between it should be fine - I'd guarantee it if I were foolish enough to make such guarantees randomly on web forums.

    As for condiments, the only thing I'd toss would be mayo, and even that'd probably be OK but who knows? Anything like ketchup, mustard, relish, etc. - either high in sugar, salt, acid or some combination of all there - should be fine assuming it hadn't starting growing "stuff" beforehand...

    1. i'd keep all those condiments, etc. most of those really don't need refrigeration, although the manufacturers put it on the label. if it has mold, toss it. otherwise, i'd be perfectly fine keeping and using all of those.

      1. I think you need The Table of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad! :)

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          chew, that is funny. but so wrong on so many counts. ;-)

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            That is hilarious, thanks for sharing! Now if only someone tried to replicate that with reliable info, it sure would be handy. New fridge is in place and holding my couple dozen saves jars/bottles of capers, pomegranate molasses, pickles, chile garlic sauce, curry paste, things that really did seem to be safely temp-resilient.