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Where can I fill my Propane Tank downtownish?

I am having a BBQ on Saturday, and I just discovered my trusty Propane filling station at Dundas and Carlaw does not have propane due to the explosion last week. Anyone know of a place I can fill my tank?

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  1. We get our's filled at the gas station on the north side of Queen, just west of Leslie.

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    1. re: millygirl

      have you refilled recently since the explosion?

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        I refilled one of my tanks yesterday at the place millygirl mentioned.

    2. Have they not all gone over to this annoying new "exchange program"?

      1. I had mine refilled last weekend on the north side of Dupont just west of Bathurst.

        1. We always go to the one on the north side of Dupont just west of Bathurst.

          1. I'm a big fan of the swap, no more rusty old tanks. Home Depot at Gerrard Square.

            1. I think you need to get used to the swap program. The Dundas/Carlaw location will be closing once the new Brad Lamb condo is approved. I can't imagine why it wouldn't be, though arguments about parking spaces could delay it.

              After last week's "incident", I suspect propane stations will disappear from anywhere near downtown. When I moved into the area almost twenty years ago, there were six propane stations within a few blocks of here. One very big propane tank, on Queen east of Logan, was right up against a residential/office building next door. Soon there will be none in the area, which is fine with me.

              The swaps are actually a good idea. The new lightweight tanks where you can see the propane level are a major improvement.

              My own solution was to put a natural gas line into the backyard with two taps: one used for a grill and one for a heater. It paid for itself by the second year and I'd never go back to propane.

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                The gas station at Carlaw & Dundas was filled the past 2 nights. That location won't be moving until end of summer at least. By then there should be another infrastructure.

                OR...buy a new burner and convert to natural gas, if you can.

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                  The Carlaw/Dundas station is supplied by Sunrise and was on a list of places that were shut down.

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                    An update...the guy said he was going to have another supplier in, and two tankers were there 2 days in a row last week. They still have a sign up saying no gas though.

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                  I've never heard of these new lightweight tanks but they sound interesting - can you tell me more? And what is this "swap" thing?

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                    The swaps are all over the place - the building supply box stores, hardware stores, Wal-Mart, some supermarkets. There's usually a cage somewhere in the parking lot.

                    You need to have a fairly new tank or buy a "starter" tank. Then you bring back an empty tank and swap it for a full one - supposedly for the gas cost, but there is definitely a "convenience fee". It costs noticeably more than filling a tank at a service station. OTOH, it is, indeed, convenient and probably safer overall.

                    The lightweight tanks are made out of some kind of composite. They are translucent in places, so you can see how much propane remains inside.

                    As I mentioned earlier, the best solution is a natural gas hookup in your yard or patio.

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                      Are they melt-proof and as resistant to explosion as steel tanks?

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                    My 30 seconds of research show this to be the only lightweight licensed for sale in Canada. The corporate blah blah says its safer, but that's their opinion. It seems the composite (Let's call it fiberglass shall we? This isn't F1 technology.) is more likely to melt than go boom as metal is wont to do. Yes, you can composite tank exchange.

                    1. re: Googs

                      I will stay w/Devil I Know! Complet needs retesting in 5 years, not 10, and admittedly burns under fire. (FAQ)

                      Steel tanks can be cooled w/water to avoid explosion, as our fire dept. demonstrated in Downsview.

                      1. re: jayt90

                        So you'll be the guy running with a hot tank to dump it in a bathtub or the guy running towards a potentially exploding tank with a waterhose?

                        I don't have a lightweight, but I like the melt aspect and will investigate further. It would be a sticky, smelly, composite fire for sure but at least you have a chance to run for an extinguisher. You haven't blown out a wall first to light your path.

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                          I don't know what's marketing and what's truth, but they represent the fact that the tank will burn in a fire, and not explode, as a significant safety feature.

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                            Small steel tanks can survive a fire intact. Only a major chemical fire will rupture and cause a flame-out, hence a 10 year life span before refurbishing is allowed.
                            Neither tank is perfect, and each comes w/ as many negatives as positives. I will probably try a plastic tank if it is cost effective, and easy to use safely.

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                              I'm going to Sobie's today. I'm gonna ask what they know about it. Will report back any findings.

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                                So here's why the composite cylinder hasn't, pardon the pun, caught on fire. According to Sobie's these tanks cost approximately $100. Ouch. Yes, you can see the liquid levels, you know, if you pick it up and hold it to the light. Convenient. Additionally, you can only do tank exchange with them, they can't be refilled. Why I wonder? Okay... Still listening... THEN they tell me the composite tanks haven't received CSA approval. Ding ding ding. We have a winner! Stickin' to steel.

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                                  I use natural gas and have not had a barbecue cylinder for more than a decade. I don't have any preference at all and I don't even use the things. However, I wanted to reply to this post.

                                  I used to be a regular customer at Sobie's. Their prices were high, but their knowledge and expertise were unsurpassed. They were a high knowledge, high service, low pressure store. However, that was under the previous owners.

                                  I've found the current people at Sobie's to be high pressure salesmen with much less product knowledge than I would expect at a specialty shop. Some of the guys there have been very willing to improvise "answers" to questions that I've asked when they clearly didn't have a clue. Frankly, I don't trust them anymore. The only thing I will buy there now is wood not readily available elsewhere.

                                  These composite cylinders simply turned up at some exchange depots over the past year. I've never seen them promoted. I looked at one out of curiosity and didn't internalize the price. They may sell for $100, but I don't remember the price at the exchange place being outrageously more than that of the steel cylinders. I'm open to correction on this. Does anyone out there have personal experience with them?

                                  As to safety, the Canadian approval link is near the bottom of the page at http://www.ragasco.com/products/appro...

                                  The approval allows the use of these containers for shipping propane by road, rail, air, or water. They must be inspected at five year intervals, but the service life is specified as 15 years, one third longer than the life span of metal cylinders. I don't think CSA approval is necessary with this approval in place. I'm again open to correction.

                                  If I was using propane tanks, I'd be willing to pay nominally more for the benefits these cylinders seem to offer. I was always a bit antsy about the many propane filling stations in my area. The staff at those stations I patronized never seemed to pay great attention to obvious safety issues as I got my ($6.00) refill. I'm not upset that the last one remaining has now been shut down.

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                                    At $100 I would take a pass. Steel ($26 new, unfilled) is good indefinitely, as lon as it passes a 10 yr test or is refurbished. I ve been really impressed by safety standards exercised by Costco tire personnel. One of my tanks, just a yr old from Wal-Mart, was rejected for paint peeled . I suspect propane will be available at reputable locations for quite some time

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                                      embee, I want to start by mentioning that due to the unfortunate way our posts were placed it appears as though I gave you a rather snotty response to your "I have no idea" post. I hadn't seen yours and certainly would have rephrased my opening line if I had. Now that's cleared up...

                                      I, too, had been discouraged by my last couple of visits to Sobies. This time, however, one of the old boys was with one of the new team. There was no pressure to purchase and there was the level of expertise I had grown accustomed to there once more. They gained no benefit whatsoever in taking the time to explain what they know about the cylinders and yet did so willing at length. The wood chips for my smoker that had gone downhill are now back to the quality level I expect from them. I hope they keep that up.

                                      As for composite cylinders, even if it were a dollar instead of $100, I don't think I'd buy one without the CSA. I note that even though their website lists Canadian Tire as a retailer, I can't find the tanks on their website or in-store. Not sure what that means, but "not good" comes to mind.

                        2. Swaps are a $20++ rip off. Fills for $12 at a club will be regulated and safe, and you retain your tank for a 10 year period.

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                            Club? There's a club? How do I join? Or is this one of those clubs I wouldn't be a member of who would have me as a member << waggle waggle>>

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                              Costco, new tanks are $37 w/first fill, and dated for 10 years.

                          2. we get ours just off of dundas W before Ronce

                            1. I go to the Canadian Tire at Eglinton east of Pharmacy. I think their charge is now $16.

                              If you have the space keep an extra filled tank in the backyard or garage.

                              1. hilariously enough, i can vouch that the bathurst and dupont propane location also has ridiculously late hours ... after a late night rooftop patio party started about 4 hours late, we had to do a 1AM trip to get a new tank ... no problems!

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                                  Does anyone know if the DuPont Bathurst location is still there?

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                                    Yep it is, I saw a cabbie filling up on Thursday.

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                                      Thanks Lexi i just had my tank filled there.
                                      Carling Propane, 490 Dupont just west of Bathurst.
                                      $18 for 20 lbs and friendly service

                                2. Just bumping this to see what's available for propane tanks these days. I live around Woodbine & Danforth, so anything somewhat east of centre would be great.

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                                    Howdy neighbour! The only refill I know of in the east end is Costco. But hey you can get gas while your there too! ;)

                                    1. re: LexiFirefly

                                      Haha, you live in the area? Thanks, I do get to Costco occasionally. And, yes, fill up at the same time.

                                  2. Danforth Gas, independent gas station on southwest corner of Danforth Ave. (not Road) and Warden Ave. Services a lot a taxis. Drive around back behind the car wash.

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