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Aug 21, 2008 05:55 PM

Fresh Mushrooms

Has anyone seen any fresh mushrooms at the local farmer's markets. We just moved from the west coast and have been missing them. thanks

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  1. I've only ever seen small amounts of some fancy varieties at the Siena Farms stand at the Copley Square market. I'm not sure there's much of anybody raising mushrooms in Massachusetts. Ben Maleson is kind of a one-man foraging operation, but I think he mostly supplies restaurants.

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      Ben's mom has stands at local farmers markets in Brookline and Newton I think. I went to the farmers market on a Tuesday at Cold Springs Park and she was selling lots of exotic kinds including lobster and hen of the woods. She wears a big hat.

      1. re: macadamianut

        Interesting - I sure don't remember ever seeing her at the Brookline market on Thursdays! I actually have a very old acquaintance with both of them. We've never been able to get to the Newton markets, but maybe I'll try to send Barmy over some time.

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          Actually you are right I haven't run into her at the brookline framers market but I did see her in Newton with her daughter in-law. The Newton Farmers market is really good in fact there is a bit more there than at the brookline one. They also have fresh fish and pot pies that are delicious. It's pretty easy to park there too.

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          macadamia, I think that had to be someone else selling Ben's mushrooms. His mom passed away in July 2007. See
          She was a wonderful person.

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          i saw shiitakes at the Siena stand in copley two days ago. however, they were $5/quarter pound (a nicer way to say $20/lb). i needed two pounds for a mushrooms soup i was making and i couldn't justify spending $40 on mushrooms. i'm a big fan of chris and i try to buy all organic, but i just couldn't justify it this time around.

        4. I haven't seen much at the farmers markets I visit either, but Russo's in Watertown usually has a nice selection ( though no necessarily local). I picked up some nice Morels last week.

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            I concur that Russo's has a good selection. Earlier this week they have Delftree shitake, Chanterelle, Maitake, and I think blue foot mushrooms. They also have oyster mushrooms and king mushrooms all year round.

          2. August has been great for wild mushrooms (best in several years), a week or two they were everywhere but foragers have grabbed the good ones now. These never get to markets here, like I've seen in Vancouver BC and europe. Whole Foods quite often has morels, chanterelles, boletes, and matsutake in the fall, but they don't sell quickly (prices are too high) and so they are often way too old. I've told them that they'd sell bunches if the prices were cut but to no avail.

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              anyone know of a good guide for local mushroom picking (book or online). went for a hike in lexington the other week and they were everywhere. couldn't ask for better shroomin weather.

              1. re: BoDubya

                With it being so dry recently, the mushrooms will begin to fade from view very soon. Local news report said so a few days ago:


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                  Although only today the Globe ran an article about this summer's mushroom bounty:

                2. re: BoDubya

                  Mushroom hunting can be tricky stuff - I'd suggest taking a couple of walks with these folks:

                  Boston Mycological Club

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                    Here's a guide:


                    Here's a list of species:

                    And here are some websites:


                    Connecting with the Boston Mycological Club is a very good idea, as stoptime recommends.

                3. At the Parker Farm csa pick-up last night in Davis Square, Steve Parker was selling maitakes that he had foraged for $10/lb. I'm not sure if they are also available to non-csa members at that price. I know he goes to a local farmer's market on Saturdays (Union, maybe?) but I didn't think to ask if he'll have them there. Worth sending him an email if you are interested.


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                    I bought maitakes from him at Union this past weekend for $16 a pound.