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Aug 21, 2008 05:51 PM

Doc Martin Lima Beans...?

I must admit, when it comes to lima beans, I know absolutely nothing. I can't recall having ever cooked them; they've always seemed so bland and uninteresting that I've never even explored their potential.

But the local produce farm has a sign outside announcing that Doc Martin Lima Beans are in, and I'm wondering why the announcement? And last night, while dining at a local bistro, I noticed that Doc Martins were a featured ingredient in a dish called "Succotash 'Cannelloni'". So now I'm curious -- is there something special about these beans that I ought to know about? What's the deal with these lima beans? Should I try them? And how should I prepare them if I do buy them? Please -- educate me. Thanks.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. i'm not familiar with doc martin lima beans. i make baby limas by rendering some good bacon, chopped up, then adding the limas with just enough water to barely cover. season with salt and pepper. cover and simmer for a while (maybe 10 minutes), then add some milk (1/4 cup or so), finish cooking till tender. add a tablespoon or less of good sweet butter. let it melt, then serve, preferably with some good, non-sweet crusty cornbread to dip in the pot liquor. that's good eatin', my friend!

      or, if you want more variety, here's a ton of appetizing recipes:

      1. this says they are larger and easier to shell than most limas. "dr. martin" is the name of the cultivar:

        1. You may want to consult this book for more information on these beans:
          Weaver, William Woys, Heirloom vegetable gardening: a master gardener's guide to planting, growing, seed saving, and cultural history

          This site may be helpful to you as well:

          1. I was introduced to Doc Martins 15 years ago & ever since cannot wait until near the end of Summer when they are available. Unlike most vegetables the bigger they are the better they taste. As for serving them I like the taste so much I only cook them is a little lightly salted water & would not consider adding anything else. If I'm using a recipe where lima beans were included I would use ordinary limas & never Doc Martins. To me that would be like mixing an expensive scotch with ginger ale.
            Should you try them. absolutely.

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              mcjane, could you please describe the flavor or compare with regular baby limas?