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Aug 21, 2008 05:47 PM

Hudson, NY Help

I will be spending a weekend in Hudson, NY in a few weeks, visiting Olana and other sights.
There are many restaurants advertised on the town website and the tourism boards, but all appear recommended in glowing terms.
Has anyone had any experience in Hudson or the nearby towns so I can get some realistic reviews ???

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  1. Watch out for glowing recommendations, as the area has some good restaurants, but also a lot of mediocre ones. I have been a part-time resident of Claverack for 17 years, so yes, I have experience with many local restaurants. Things have definitely improved in recent years. My favorites are Swoon in Hudson and Swiss Hutte in Hillsdale. I also like Ca Mea and Red Dot, though the Dot is somewhat inconsistent. Also inconsistent, but often very good, is Ciao Bella, though there can be service issues there. I don't care for Mexican Radio or DaBa, and Vico is good but overpriced, though it is nice for lunch. Lippera's in Chatham is good, particularly for lunch, and for a good cheap lunch I love the Reuben sandwich at West Taghkanic Diner. Good burgers and club sandwiches there too. I have not been to the Carolina House in Kinderhook, but will be dining there this weekend and will report back afterward. If you don't mind driving for 20 minutes, Madalin's Table in Tivoli is worth the trip. Are there are any specific places you are curious about that I have not mentioned?

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      Update: Drove past Ciao Bella tonight and noticed it has closed.

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        Following up on my mention of Carolina House in Kinderhook. We just had dinner there tonight and I am happy to say everything we had was delicious and the atmosphere is charming. Prices are extremely reasonable and portions very generous (I took home most of the 1/2 chicken I ordered).

      2. Another vote for Ca Mea. I've only been a few times, but all in our group have enjoyed!

        1. Swoon is terrible...absolutely terrible! & Madalins table is not worth any kind of trip (our 2 experiences there were train wrecks! Go to Tanzy's for a sandwich Wasabi for Tempura & call it a day!

          1. I lived in Philmont near Hudson for a while. There's a new pretty good restaurant there in Philmont called Local 111 or something like that. It's very good. It's been very nicely redone from an old auto repair shop. Very good food, upscale, chic, etc.. It's on the main street in Philmont across from Stewart's

            In Hudson I do like the Red Dot even though the food may not meet high "gourmet" standards, but it is a lot of fun if you eat in the front bar room and watch all the drinking, eating and talking. There's also Aubergine in Hillsdale for more fancy food and atmosphere and prices.

            Old Mill in : Route 23, South Egremont, Mass., (413) 528-1421. From the New York metropolitan area, take the Hutchinson River Parkway to Route 684 to Brewster, N.Y. Pick up Route 22, continue to Hillsdale, N.Y.; pick up Route 23 and continue about six miles to South Egremont. is good and very nice room. The big fireplace in winter is nice. I had great cod in a caper sauce that I though was excellent. Nice white table cloths and good wine glasses, etc. Good service.

            If you want to drive to Albany, I like an old fashioned Italian restaurant there, Lombardos on Madison Ave. in Albany. Maybe not the best Italian restaurant, but lots of fun and with a loyal clientele.

            Bon apetite.

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              Fyi- Aubergine closed nearly 3 years ago...bankrupt. Local 111 is best for breakfast sandwiches.

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                Local 111 is very good, sort of a "hidden gem". Unfortunately the menu is quite limited so we don't go often, but the food is excellent and the ambience is very nice.

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                  I too have heard good things about Lombardos but have not been yet. We usually end up in another downtown Italian, Cafe Capriccio.

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                    For a serious old-school Albany power dinner (or just to spy on New York pols and their dates), Jack's Oyster Bar is a real classic. Love the service and the old world feel.

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