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Aug 21, 2008 05:43 PM

Chacarero for later

I've read so much about this place but never get into Boston on a weekday and I believe they are closed on weekends. If I did manage a trip into the city, how well would the sandwiches stand the test of time if I brought them home for hubby and me? I'd definitely be on my own and it just wouldn't be as fun as experiencing this must discussed sandwich without a companion. Any thoughts? Thanks

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  1. I've had chacareros for later and it's fine. The key is to heat them in the oven for a brief period of time to warm everything up including the bread and cheese. What you do miss with this, is the contrast between the warm meat and the cool avocados and tomatoes. But, I think it tastes better warmed up v. cold from the commute.

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      Maybe you can ask them to give you the tomatoes and avocado on the side, then put them in after you've re-heated your sandwich. That way, you avoid sogginess, too.

      1. re: marilees

        Great ideas! Thank you both. Hoping to make the trip next week.

    2. Even the small chacarero is too big for me to eat, so I usually eat half for lunch and then put half in the fridge for dinner. It's not quite as good cold, but fairly close, I think. I get mine without cheese, so maybe that wouldn't be as good cold.