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Aug 21, 2008 05:39 PM

authentic chinese w/ banquet rooms in austin?

Other than Kim son, are there any other restaurants that can rent out banquet rooms and serve some good authentic Chinese food? For example, peking duck, whole fish, red bean soup, sea cucumber, etc?

Or, if they don't have banquet rooms, does any Chinese restaurant cater that serve the above foods?

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  1. pao's mandarin house, din ho, possibly first chinese will do most of those dishes.

    don't know about the red bean soup. i bet pao's will make stuff to order for you though.

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      I agree with yimay, GO WITH PAOs, they have better serving staff and more authentic Chinese food, if you don't care about the service then go with Din Ho.

    2. There was Tien Hong who had a banquet room but after 23 years, they closed earlier this month.

      1. Chinatown, Greystone at Mo-Pac.

        1. Chinatown, Mo-Pac at Greystone.

          1. Sea Dragon will set up an accordian partition for a banquet room, i have been there for a few weddings and the food was excellent. Have also been to a function at T and S Seafood's smaller banquet which is very dingy inside, but the food was good at the event. Good for birthday, not wedding.

            too bad about Tien Hong, but they went down hill years ago, ah I remember there dim sum in the good days...I heard the owners are involved with TC Noodle House now...but that place is not for banquets.